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This Week in Assassin’s Creed Virtual Photography: 21st to 27th August


29 Aug 2023

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Colum Blackett

Welcome to the weekly virtual photography roundup hosted by Aaron Young from The AC Partnership Program.

Every week I will be picking our top 5 favourite Assassin’s Creed shots and showcasing them on The Ones Who Came Before website, in order to promote virtual photography and talented content creators within the community.  

Aaron is a keen virtual photographer and loves to post his journeys through Assassin’s Creed on Twitter.

Keep an eye on the site as more weekly shots are added, we are looking for captures across all Assassin’s Creed games. Tag your photos to the #TOWCBWeeklyCapture for a chance to be featured.

This week’s theme: Assassin’s Creed



Game: Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

VP Artist: @misthiosvp

“I am fire, I’ll use that, a beacon to the order”

Kassandra the Eagle-Bearer, a mercenary who’s fortunes changed dramatically over the course of her story. Kassandra’s combat mastery and charm built her a reputation across the Greek world, one that would put fear in the hearts of her enemies. She may not have been an Assassin, however she did carry out their work by removing the Order in Greece. This is black and white virtual photography at its finest. Fantastic use of shadows, and light to create a prestigious portrait of the Misthios turned Assassin, Kassandra.


The Fire

Game: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

VP Artist: @Shadmehrphoenix

“Is it from here we launch our attack”

The shieldmaiden responsible for the eradication of the Order in England must always be remembered. Eivor’s tale is long and less straightforward than some of her predecessors, but like Kassandra she has an important role within the Hidden Ones, even if she isn’t directly an Assassin. Just like the previous capture this shot exudes class, and once again the shadows play an important role dramatizing the shot. I love the torch though, the projection of light across Eivor’s face brilliantly showcases the Jormungandr tattoo. Fantastic virtual photography of the Norse raider lighting the way.


Set Sail

Game: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

VP Artist: @RenanVP_Alt

“An ocean lies before us, Eivor. And on its far side, a new kingdom awaits”

Sigurd and Eivor’s relationship with Styrbjorn weakens after he seeks peace with his enemies. They grow tired of his lack of ambition and set sail for England to find wealth and glory. Eivor believes this to be a simple plan but little did she know Sigurd is being manipulated by Basim in the background. For me this capture epitomises Valhalla and the fact it is a Viking game at heart. The Longship looks beautiful here with the colours a delight on the eye. The scenery and the water is breath-taking, it takes me back to that moment in the game. Excellent timing to get Sýnin in the shot too.

The Ones Who Came Before Photo of the Week

Judge: Colum Blackett (Col_96): Community Admin for TOWCB

For me, this shot takes me back to the Assassin's Creed Valhalla marketing campaign, and looks like an official promo shot for the game. I love how it shows Eivor during a peaceful moment in her life, before all the chaos that follows. Norway was particularly spectacular in Valhalla, and this dynamic capture brings it to life. There is so much momentum in this snapshot, all happening below the wings of Eivor's faithful companion Sýnin. The Raven Clan travelled far and wide, but home always calls them back in the end. Great shot all round.



Game: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

VP Artist: @m_nt_13

“You are unworthy”

The Valkyrie were a selection of female combatants who took fallen warriors to Valhalla once they had fallen in the real world. When the warriors arrive in Valhalla they are turned into Einherjar for Odin to utilise. It is quite fitting that Eivor should wear this outfit as she herself is somewhat a servant to Odin through fate. This epic shot of Eivor in the Valkyrie mask is perfectly framed highlighting the faceless Viking walking through England with purpose. In some ways I am getting real Order of the Ancients vibes from this. I adore the detail and saturation on the mask, it just looks incredible.


Sword of Destiny

Game: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

VP Artist: @Sarokeye

“Eivor. On our journey here, I had much time to think. On the ecstasies and agonies of our friendship”

The brothers are a formidable partnership but Sigurd’s greed and Basim’s poison words are enough to leave this once solid relationship in tatters. Depending on your choices throughout the game you could reconnect but it would never be the same. This mind-blowing capture of Sigurd’s sword in the ground typifies the descent into madness. A once strong-willed leader of the Raven Clan, now broken by fate. The details here are stunning and the ambiance is so moody, really gives you the sense of doom. The details of the rust and dirt are so good, symbolizing that Sigurd has seen better days. A truly phenomenal capture.

Link to Set:


And that sums it up for this week’s Assassin’s Creed virtual photography recap list!

Thank you for checking out this week’s photo collection. This would not be possible without the virtual photographers out there so a huge thanks to them. Until next week keep those shots coming in!


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About the Author

Aaron is a passionate Assassin's Creed fan who joined our AC Partnership Program as an Online Article Writer back in 2022.

After building momentum and interest on TOWCB website for Virtual Photography, Aaron established TOWCB Virtual Photography Team, of which he is now Team Leader. Throughout 2024, TOWCB VP Team will be sharing community captures in dedicated articles, and providing a positive environment on Twitter for gamers to share their shots.

Aaron Young

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