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Welcome to the Program

The AC Partnership Program is a community initiative created by The Ones Who Came Before, which aims to promote and share content. The program is a great way for content creators to gain recognition for their work within the community, and expand to a wider audience.


The program will host a whole range of projects and feature content created by talented members of the community. We aim to amplify community voices.


The program also aims to create more opportunities for our community members, such as interviews, giveaways, and more. Right now, the program is small, but we're hoping to encourage more content creators to join and help make it a success.


Eventually, we would like to host a huge range of community-run projects on our social media channels, and one day make our Youtube channel the home of community content. One day, you will be able to find art demos, cosplay guides, podcasts, video logs, and walkthrough videos on our channel.

To make this happen, we will carefully monitor our social media channels and contact potential partners. The future is bright, and we would love to get more people involved!

For some, the program is a stepping stone into the world of journalism; for others, it is the opportunity to work as part of a team, developing skills and making friends within the community.

Our partners will be encouraged to create regular content for the Assassin's Creed community, with the help of our admins. 



Aaron Young

Ben Weal

Finn Fletcher

Kai VP

Michael Doyle


Thea Marie Rivedal


Brandon McDonnell | Sirmcdonnell

Frame Hold Photography

Lisa Zaman

Michael Smith

Shaya Fury

UbiCypher (Joe)

Al Boncompagni
(It’s A Creed)

Eric Allen // Milz_VP

Gustav Poulsen (Gargudon)

Louise // TheNerdyArcher

Noon (TheHiddenVirtuals)


Yasmin Page



Caleb Allen

Jarrett and Tiffany

Kevin (Going Viking)

Mieke Dix

Jaime (aSassysCreed)

Junaid Iqbal (Medjay_Graphics)

Kyle Marvell

Muhamad Verrell

James (FlickzKiller)

Katrina Stark

Lauren Harris

Preston Carbonaro




The AC Partnership Program is seeking to expand its membership through recruitment.

If you have a passion for Assassin's Creed and wish to get involved, get in touch and let us know more about your interests and expertise!

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