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Rally The Creed Podcast (Original Series

Welcome to Rally The Creed, a brand new Assassin's Creed community podcast by The Ones Who Came Before!

In each episode, Ashlea_97 will be joined by members of the community to discuss the franchise, giving listeners a unique perspective on the world of Assassin's Creed.


Listeners will also have exclusive behind-the-scenes access to one of the biggest AC fan communities, and gain an insight into what it takes to create and manage a community.

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Rally The Creed Video Podcast

The Ones Who Came Before Team are proud to launch the reboot of our original podcast, Rally the Creed!


The original mini-podcast series aired back in 2020 during lockdown, but for the reboot, we have decided to make two major changes.


Each episode of Rally the Creed (2023+) will be released in two versions: Video and Audio, as to create a more personal experience, and allow for viewers to enjoy the podcast in multiple ways. The second and most important change is host rotation, as we plan on getting different members of TOWCB Team to host each episode.


We hope that this new and exciting structure keeps the podcast fresh, and helps it to stand out from other fan projects. The new series will cover a huge range of topics relating to the Assassin's Creed series, and give a voice to community members.


For some, the podcast will provide the opportunity to step out of the shadows for the first time, and introduce themselves to the community, whilst for others, it becomes a meeting place for long-time fans of the series to discuss all things Assassin's Creed.


Promo image created by our fan Maor.


1) In episode #1, Col and Michael from TOWCB Core Team discuss Assassin's Creed Mirage, the new podcast format and choices in Assassin's Creed.


2) In episode #2, Col, Gustav and Finn from TOWCB Team discuss Assassin's Creed Mirage, potential settings for future games and creating music inspired by the series.


3) In episode #3, guest host Jack from ThePhotoMode E-Magazine joins TOWCB Team members Lisa Zaman (Portrait Artist) and Aaron Young (Writer) to discuss all things in AC.


4) In episode #4, host Michael Smith from TOWCB Core Team discusses LGBTQ representation in Assassin's Creed with guests Ollie (@ItsOlliebyGolly) and Louise (@TheNerdyArcher).


5) In this new episode of Rally The Creed, Gargudon and Col look back on 9 years of The Ones Who Came Before, from Col first creating the site in 2014, first getting recognised by Ubisoft, our two guests first getting acquainted, the site growing and expanding, the future and much more. Also touched upon is the imminent release of AC Mirage, what to expect from it and the impact it will have on the community.


1) Episode 1 


Ash and Col discuss the creation of TOWCB fan community, and how fans can start up an Assassin's Creed project of their own.

Also available on Spotify

2) Episode 2 


In this episode, we discuss our new roles within The Mentors Guild, Marketing for Assassin's Creed Valhalla and the upcoming Netflix TV Universe.

Also available on Spotify

3) Episode 3 


Community discussion led by Gargudon, featuring guest Kyle Marvell.

Also available on Spotify

6) The Rally The Creed podcast is back at last, this episode hosted by Gargudon, featuring UbiCypher from our team and Arshak from AC Landmarks. Covering everything from an evaluation of AC Mirage, with the game having been out for a while now, hopes and expectations for AC Codename Red with more in between. Enjoy listening!


Edited by FrameHoldPhotography.


7) In Episode 7 of Rally The Creed, host Gargudon is joined by one of the newest recruits on our team, video creator and streamer Andy, also known as SisterlyThrower. At the core of this episode is a proper introduction to Andy, talk about our growing video venture and future content, the American saga and more. Enjoy listening!


Edited by FrameHoldPhotography.


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