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Futuristic Time Jump : Pitching an Assassin's Creed Game

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Could the 'present-day' be replaced by a futuristic storyline?

TOWCB Team members Gargudon and Ubicypher (Rally the Creed #6) recently pitched the idea of transporting the modern day segments into the future. They noted that Ubisoft have always been extremely cautious about real-life current affairs, avoiding mention of wars or ongoing issues, even recently glossing over the Covid-19 pandemic by only referencing it in an in-game email.

makes us here at TOWCB wonder if it's only a matter of time before Assassin's Creed takes the leap forward in time

datamined an unreleased cutscene


The Evidence



Uprising Comic Books

Access the Animus released a really intriguing article (written by ) on the topic, piecing together a number of hints towards an upcoming shift in time.

History is our playground


ultimately end with someone taking control over humanity, whether that be a branch of the Templars, such as Abstergo, the Isu returning, or something new entirely.

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