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Assassin’s Creed Virtual Photography: 6th to 17th May


28 May 2024

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Colum Blackett

Welcome to the biweekly virtual photography roundup hosted by Aaron Young from the AC Partnership Program.

Every two weeks we will be picking our top 5 favourite Assassin’s Creed shots and showcasing them on The Ones Who Came Before website, in order to promote virtual photography and talented content creators within the community.

This theme has been run by the TOWCB VP team. We have been monitoring the hashtag and the community hub to see all your wonderful shots.    

Keep an eye on the site as more shots are added, we are looking for captures across all Assassin’s Creed games. Tag your photos to #ACFirstCivVP for a chance to be featured.

Theme: Assassin’s Creed



Game: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

VP Artist: @Majdulf47

The Ones Who Came Before Photo of the Week

Judge: @TuridTorkil


Majdulf has a talent for creating mesmerising shots. The strong red background in this one catches the eye while the moody composition of the raven on the skull makes you stay for a while. It’s amazing to see what one can do with two colours.


“Odin smiles on us today”.

Although Assassin’s Creed Valhalla doesn’t have the vibrant scenery of Origins and Odyssey it does have the best moody environments. These are hauntingly showcased in the cursed areas within the game. Majdulf has encapsulated the troubled lands of England with his excellent composition of a Raven atop a shrine. Using just the red and blacks elevates this capture to a new level and makes it stand out from the rest. I love the symbolism of Odin through the Raven and the Paganism that still lives within the Saxon kingdoms.



Game: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

VP Artist: @well_jodye

“We were three ships in a summer’s dawn”.

The Viking longship is key to Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Without these impressive vessels the Vikings would never have been able to bridge the gap between Scandinavia and the rest of the world. If you spend any time scouting the shores of Valhalla, you will find dilapidated ships taken back by the sea. This is a beautiful capture of just this with two ships long abandoned and consumed by nature. The sepia tones give this shot a vintage feel that fits with the narrative of neglect. I really like the use of fog to add that feel of the sea and the greens really attract the attention. I think the composition is excellent with your eyes drawn up the beach to the longship.


The Sea

Game: Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

VP Artist: @Jaco8ee

“I believe my time here and this trial may help me find the answer”.

One of the reasons I play Assassin’s Creed games is for the epic scenery. If you can’t travel the world then at least you can see jaw dropping locations in game. The Assassin’s Creed Odyssey coastlines are some of the most stunning I have seen. Here we have one of these locations with the water looking so realistic. I am impressed with how the shot has been split into two by the arching rock formation. The boats and mountains look fantastic in the distance and add huge depth to the photograph. How could anyone resist performing the leap of faith into that gorgeous location.


The Lost Archive

Game: Assassin’s Creed Revelations

VP Artist: @cyrielle_vp

“Nothing is true, everything is permitted.”

I adore covering Assassin’s Creed virtual photography, but it does sadden me how we often lack shots from the old games. I wish there could be a photo mode added to them all. I did not expect to be including a Lost Archive capture in this week’s showcase. The Animus sections of the Assassin’s Creed games are perfect for capturing but unfortunately haven’t featured prominently in the RPG entries. This photo is so unique and breaks the norm for Assassin’s Creed. I am getting serious Control vibes here. The beautiful columns from Subject 16’s memory make for a fantastic shot.


Eagle Sight

Game: Assassin’s Creed Mirage

VP Artist: @JChoukroun

“Our prodigal Hidden One returns”.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage certainly lends itself to minimal photography. The vast deserts with their lone trees or rock formations are a dream to capture, but so are Basim and Enkidu. I have really enjoyed capturing the two of them as they scale buildings or cross deserts. Here we have the two posing elegantly atop a sync point. I really like the minimal aspect of this capture but also the old movie making style. Basim is a character that often reflects on his actions, and this absolutely shows that side of him. Synchronization in Assassin’s Creed is all about taking a minute to breath before the famous leap of faith and that for me is what this photo shows us.



And that sums it up for this Assassin’s Creed virtual photography recap list!

Thank you for checking out the photo collection. This would not be possible without the virtual photographers out there so a huge thanks to them. Until next time keep those shots coming in!


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About the Author

Aaron is a passionate Assassin's Creed fan who joined our AC Partnership Program as an Online Article Writer back in 2022.

After building momentum and interest on TOWCB website for Virtual Photography, Aaron established TOWCB Virtual Photography Team, of which he is now Team Leader. Throughout 2024, TOWCB VP Team will be sharing community captures in dedicated articles, and providing a positive environment on Twitter for gamers to share their shots.

Aaron Young

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