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Why Assassin's Creed Remakes Will Succeed


12 Jul 2024

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Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot announced recently that some of the classic original Assassin’s Creed games would be getting remakes, which means completely rebuilding and overhauling the original games in the series to hold up better against modern gaming years later since the beginning days of the series. Given the technology in the gaming industry has rapidly advanced since the start of this franchise, it makes sense for Ubisoft to use this modern tech to their advantage. The Assassin’s Creed series has been active and alive for over 15 years and counting, and over that time the games have changed a lot. The original games from the beginning were ground-breaking games in the industry that still have impacts to today’s game development. The stealth and parkour formula became an inspiration for other games following this same template. Even today, stealth themed games are in some way created by the foundation that is the Assassin’s Creed series.

Now that Ubisoft has shown more interest in their roots of the franchise, only good things can come of this development direction from the company. Assassin’s Creed as we know it is unlike its past. Which has been a change for the good, as certain aspects of the older games simply do not hold up today, like oblivious side characters and enemies, old reused mechanics, or features from the original games that would make the current state of these games seem outdated and considered being out of touch with the rapid change of the gaming industry. Times have changed in this business, and to survive, Ubisoft has to evolve with the median, otherwise the series would remain stuck in the past and unoriginal.

Ubisoft shows they not only care about the future games of the franchise, but also showing their appreciation to their beginnings. Creating these remakes is a huge step forward for this world-wide game industry giant, as they are aware that Assassin’s Creed is still as popular as ever, and doubling down on their best franchises is the way to succeed as a company. The future of the series already has several games announced and rumored, and now the idea of remaking the older games would be great for the reputation of these all time classic games. While the originals still are impressive and great, some of them do not hold up well in today's standards, both graphically and mechanically. The technology used in 2007 is much different than what we have today. The tech industry is a quick and ever evolving business, meaning you're forced to adapt with the change, or you could be left behind. The graphics from the original games were considered impressive at the time of their release, but now in an era where games can be created in almost life-like visuals, the state of the classic games look outdated. So, remaking these games can do justice to their legacies by improving on what are already industry-changing games, and making them hold up in our modern standards. 

Ubisoft has many years to plan and decide on the exact direction to take for these remakes, but from what we know already, fans should be excited for what to expect in the future. Ubisoft could make these games impressive in today’s vision by not only improving their visuals, but also going in depth into development and changing the way these games are played that would match what we expect today. It's clear Ubisoft knows that to create these remakes, the games should be updated but not abandoning its core. A way Ubisoft could approach this idea is by changing the more outdated mechanics of the past, but keeping the concept the same. Such as updating the parkour from the original games, by cleaning up the outdated parkour such as accidentally ejecting off tall building one has climbed by pressing the wrong button, which, thankfully, has been changed in the more modern Assassin’s Creed games where accidentally jumping to your death is not very possible anymore by not allowing it to be so easy to fall down.

Ubisoft could also update these games with adding enemy AI awareness. In the past when playing the game it sometimes would be easier to pretend to be spotted until the enemy notices enough to come and investigate your position and you could take them down from there. This altered the way enemies are traditionally supposed to react, and is unrealistic to how modern enemies in gaming are. Which makes you have to be more careful about being spotted, instead of using it as an unfair advantage. Ubisoft is capable of perfecting these remakes to the point where it plays similar to current Assassin’s Creed series mechanics. The graphical updates could also have the game look as the developers would have originally envisioned, given the lack of advanced technology at the time of the games creation. Now, since games look so close to life-like graphics, these classics will look like they would have if the gaming world had today's technology available years prior. 

It is up to Ubisoft on how to approach these remakes. Whether it be remaking all of the originals, or remaking the ones they think would play best in modern standards. Ubisoft has plenty of options to choose from as the production could begin in the near future. However they decide, fans should trust that the vision Ubisoft has selected for these remakes will be a faithful adaptation of these all-time great gaming masterpieces. It is smart Ubisoft is investing their efforts so much into the Assassin’s Creed franchise, and not only focusing on future installments, but other ways to bring this beloved franchise to life. Remakes of these games are a brilliant idea from Ubisoft, as it will cater to all fans of this series, and those who may be new to Assassin’s Creed. Now that remasters and remakes are all the rage now, plenty of popular classic games are getting that treatment, so Ubisoft has picked a smart time to take advantage of this rise in popularity, and honor the roots of this franchise with remakes that rejuvenate the history of the series and perhaps one day have all the rather outdated Assassin’s Creed games match modern standards and once again have them become a staple of the industry, just as the did when they originally released many years ago. The Assassin’s Creed fan base should be excited for the future of these games, and Ubisoft’s dedication to admiring and adapting their massive money-making franchise. 

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