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This Week in Assassin's Creed Virtual Photography: October 12th - 18th 2020


19 Oct 2020

Written By:

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Ashlea Blackett

Welcome to the second article of a new weekly virtual photography initiative hosted by Gustav Poulsen from The AC Partnership Program.


Each week, five Assassin's Creed shots will be showcased here on TOWCB website, in order to promote virtual photography and community contributions.

Gustav is a seasoned pro when it comes to virtual photography, and has a keen eye for special shots.

Look out for more Photo Logs over the coming weeks, some of which may include Assassin's Creed Valhalla!


Familiar Shore


The first picture from this week’s recap is from Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered. Taken by Instagram user @shaysredemption, it brilliantly captures the beauty and photogenic landscapes of the North Atlantic.

With everything from cute penguins, a clear ocean, cliffs & ice mountains, a beautiful night sky and more in the frame, this picture easily makes the top of this week’s recap.


Ghost Rider


This week’s second picture has been taken in AC Origins by Instagram user @assassinscreed_shots.


Amongst its many elements, it features a beautiful photogenic sunset and blue sky, but most importantly it features Bayek riding in to the sunset accompanied by a… Mysterious companion to say the least. Whether this is an actual ghost, a result of Bayek hallucinating from the desert’s heat or something third, it sure does look freaky.


Finally, the photographer has also paid attention to the picture’s depth of field, choosing to focus on Bayek, making the sunset even prettier by blurring it.


For this week’s third select, we have another capture from AC Origins; this one taken by Instagram user @x___stardust_gaming___x.


In it we see Bayek underground, exploring what looks like a sort of temple; only Anubis would know how old this place is. The photographer has really paid attention to  camera placement, as Bayek looks so small compared to the massive ancient site surrounding him.


Above him, we see but a fragment of a clear night sky and an opening, securing Bayek’s freedom can he find a way to reach it…


The second last picture on this week’s list is from Assassin’s Creed Unity, and is taken by Instagram user @zbanko_yt.


This pictures’ main quality is its timing, as it perfectly captures Arno mid-air doing a wall eject, jumping backwards from one ledge to who knows where. Other than Arno simply looking cool, a beautiful blue sky can be seen in the background, along with but a portion of Paris.


With all these factors as well as a cinematic vibe to it, this picture just had to make this week’s recap.


Fading Faster, Falling Further Down a Hole That’s Absent of Light 

For the final capture of this week’s recap list, we have yet another one from AC Rogue Remastered, also taken by @shaysredemption. This one captures Assassin gone Templar Shay Cormac, masked and geared up with dual swords, running through one of the beautiful, green landscapes of New England. 

You would think this picture mostly is peaceful, given the beautiful skies colored by the imminent sunset, and all the majestic tall trees surrounding Shay. But as the title suggests, the picture has a dark tone to it. The mix of the lack of brightness, dry saturation, and Shay furiously running away from… Who really knows what, makes this picture too good to not take up the fifth and final spot on this week’s list.


Thanks for checking our this weeks's photo log, and to all of the virtual photographers who contributed torwards this article!

Until next time, look out for #TOWCBPhotoChallenge on Twitter to take part in our weekly challenges!


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About the Author

Gustav is an active community member who specialises in Podcast Hosting & Composing. By joining the program, he has had the opportunity to expand his audience and further his skills, even helping to revive 'The Memory Corridor' series, which had been offline for nearly a year.

His unique skill set made him the perfect candidate for our AC Partnership Program, of which he has been a part of since it began back in 2019. He recently released the very unique Sounds Of History music project; an original instrumental project, featuring five tracks inspired by AC, written and produced by him.

Gustav Poulsen (Gargudon)

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