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This Week in Assassin's Creed Virtual Photography: February 1st - 7th


11 Feb 2021

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Ashlea Blackett

Welcome back to another round of our virtual photography showcase, which will now be guest hosted by Kevin McAllister (Going Viking) from The AC Partnership Program.


Each week, five Assassin's Creed shots will be hosted here on TOWCB website in order to promote virtual photography and community contributions. 

Keep an eye on our social media channels for updates, as we aim to bring you a great range of community captures.


1) Ancient Ruins by Sarah Gurrado


This photo shouts Assassin's Creed. A stunning shot of Eivor jumping around the ruins reminds you of the Ezio days. The sun is perfectly aligned under the feet with Sýnin in the backdrop creating a shot that will instantly remind you of what makes Assassin's Creed so great.


2) Family is Home by @Miss Misthios


This silhouette shot of Kassandra and Ikaros defines Odyssey with its beauty and strength. The vibrant sky and perfect use of depth of field makes this photo resemble a painting.


3) Conquering a new world by @NoviKaiba23


Assassin's Creed Valhalla is filled with limitless things to do and one of those things is raiding. This gorgeous photo captures Eivor blowing the horn in assassin type fashion as Sýnin soars across the sky toward the monastery. The blue sky, red leaves and fog provide this capture with the beautiful environment that Valhalla is known for.


4) Sailing Misthios by @SofaGamersRAW


A unique perspective shot with a bird's eye view of a sailing Misthios in Odyssey with the crystal clear blue water. As your eye gravitates to the boat from the top of the sail you can see the ripples in the water trailing behind. Makes me want to jump right back in to Odyssey!


5) Winter Chase by @StefanieMcMaken

A peaceful moment in time. Great timing here to capture the deer running through the snow in Norway.


Using the trees to frame the shot with the deer right in the middle provides a picture perfect shot.


And that sums it up for this week’s Assassin’s Creed virtual photography recap list!


Don’t forget to check out next week’s list when that rolls around, and be sure to send your best captures to us directly via Instagram or Twitter for a chance to be featured on it!


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About the Author

Going Viking started as a page focused on everything relating to Vikings including history, archaeology, Norse Mythology, video games, books, TV shows, etc. Kevin then transferred his focus to the video game Days Gone, where he began doing virtual photography, and running a blog.

In early 2021, Kevin began his new position as an Online Community Specialist at Sony, working for Bend Studio. We are thrilled to see Kevin joining a company that makes the franchise he loves, but will miss him deeply on the program. We wish him the best of luck in his new position!

Kevin (Going Viking)

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