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TheNerdyArcher and Frame Hold Photography from TOWCB Join the Ubisoft Creators Program


29 Jun 2024

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Colum Blackett

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Louise Chase (@TheNerdyArcher) and Frame Hold Photography from TOWCB have been accepted in to the Ubisoft Creators Program!

This means that going forward, both will have more access to opportunities like playing game demos, Twitch drops and downloads supplied directly by Ubisoft.

We are particularly proud of this achievement since both are members of The AC Partnership Program (@Isu_Network), a community initiative created by The Ones Who Came Before which aims to promote and share content. The program is a great way for content creators to gain recognition for their work within the community, and expand to a wider audience.



About the Program:

''Welcome to the Ubisoft Creators Program, our home for content creators, community leaders and creative minds who bring our games to life thanks to their passion, engagement, and unique voices.

Once you join, you can access a personalized dashboard with a lineup of different activities and choose to join the ones that best support your channel, interests, and tone.''


Louise (TheNerdyArcher) is a UK Assassin's Creed community ambassador and former member of The Mentor's Guild and 'Scholars of the Creed' community. She is an Archaeology graduate and passionate historian.

By joining TOWCB Writing Team, we aim to provide her with structured guidance, early access to transmedia, and a platform for her written works. Throughout 2024 and beyond, TOWCB will be working on a variety of projects covering the series.

Blog       | Twitter    | Instagram

Frame Hold Photography is a passionate Virtual Photographer who joined our Video Content Creation Team in Summer 2022, as we began our efforts to break away from solely written content.

During a period of uncertainty for TOWCB website, FHP stepped up and took on the role of Site Manager, overseeing our restoration efforts. Our website today now sits at the top of many Google searches📈

Outside of AC, she is also a full time editor and visual effects artist on TV commercials, and has been putting her skills to use in the community by creating epic Assassin's Creed tribute videos, miniature figure painting videos and editing episodes of our Rally the Creed podcast!

Twitter | Instagram | YouTube 


Congratulations Assassins!

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