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Q&A with Aymar Azaïzia


7 May 2016

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Ashlea Blackett

Col: Hey Aymar. Thanks for joining me today. I have a few Assassin’s Creed topics we would like to discuss today. 

Aymar: Thanks for having me, especially in a pub, with a beer. Is it a strategy to get me to talk? :)


Col: We’ll see if we can get any secrets today ;) So let’s get started. Can you tell us anything about the Apple of Eden replica that was shown off a while back? We saw a prototype but we haven’t heard anything since. 

Aymar: Sure, right now, the project and the will to make it happen during the year is still very real. However we are trying to find the best execution, quality so expect more news soon!


Col: Cool! Okay so I have a very big question! How did Ezio die, and was he assassinated?

Aymar: My take on it, is watch the Godfather movie, and focus on the death of Don Corleone. Then watch Embers again, and I would say that Ezio get assassinated. There is a price to pay, and there is no rest once you walk the path of the Assassins. It is a bittersweet ending, Ezio got a nice and long life, yet there was no way for him to die from a heart attack (PS focus on the soundtrack!). Now you can hate me :) 


Col: Poor Ezio! So I was also wondering about the Nikolai Orelov statue that was shown. Is that still happening? 

Aymar: Got the only one :) It was a prototype that wasn’t supposed to be shown at that stage. It was a unique resin prototype, and we didn’t moved on with that, yet you can expect more cool figurines from us! 


Col: Nice! So why did the Davenport Homestead mysteriously disappear after AC3? 

Aymar: History kills a lot of thing… But there may be another explanation… :D


Col: Who was the man at Lucy’s Grave in Initiates? 

Aymar: What is your call? We know who he is, but we are not there yet :) Col – Interesting. I personally think that it could be an Instrument of the first will, but we’ll have to see! 


Col: I was wondering if you can tell us anything about the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Movie Novel by Ryder Windham. 

Aymar: Talking about early announcement :) It is supposed to be a movie script adaptation as far as I know, but I don’t have more details at the moment, sorry!


Col: Fair enough! Speaking of early announcements, an Assassin’s Creed Colouring book appeared on Amazon. So what kind of images can we expect to be colouring in?

Aymar: We have the guys working on our artbook selecting the best images, so expect a mix between characters, landscape, iconic symbol and more!


Col: Awesome! So Assassin’s Creed has released two sets of comic books recently, so I was wondering if any more can be expected in the future? Maybe comics focussing on Erudito or Juno’s Instruments. That could be cool. 

Aymar: YES! Both Titans and us are really pleased with what is happening at the moment, and I would be lying if I was saying we don’t have more plans for Assassin and Templars :) 


Col: That’s cool. Speaking of future plans, I was wondering if you guys would ever consider making more Chronicles game’s? 

Aymar: Right now, we are focusing our game effort on our next Assassin’s Creed game, but nothing is impossible with Chronicles :)


Col: Fair enough! So Assassin’s Creed Last Descendants was announced recently, and a new Piece of Eden was mentioned in the description. “The Trident of Eden”. Can you tell us anything about that? 

Aymar: Yes, but I will have to kill you then :) What I could stay is that it is a very amazing story, I LOVE what Matt did with it, and the trident is a very interesting POE :p


Col: Sounds interesting! So I was wondering if we could see the Lydia Frye story going anywhere in the future? 

Aymar: Haha, Lydia, Haytham, and so many others we want to bring back. So stay tuned! 


Col: So I left the difficult question until the end. Let’s talk about the precursor box. Does one exist or many. I personally believe that we saw 2 in AC Rogue, but several exist. 

Aymar: How many visuals versions have you seen so far? Same? :p 


Col: Interesting. I’ll stick to my theory though! Thanks for your time Aymar. It’s been an absolute pleasure to meet you.

Aymar: It was a pleasure, let’s focus on beers now :)



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