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Introducing Sounds Of History - an original Assassin’s Creed inspired instrumental project by Gargudon


25 Feb 2023

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Ashlea Blackett

We are pleased to announce “Sounds Of History”, an original Assassin’s Creed inspired instrumental project by our very own Gargudon!

A unique fan project, never really seen before in the Assassin’s Creed community, featuring five original tracks written, arranged and produced by Gargudon, each inspired by different AC games. A tribute to the soundtrack, to sneaking, fighting and free running throughout the years, and the composers behind them who have shaped the sound of the franchise.

  • French Highlands - Inspired by the Parisian Medieval remnants of Assassin’s Creed Unity

  • …Away From The Crowds… - Inspired by the mystery, abandoned undergrounds and ominous ambience of Assassin’s Creed II & Brotherhood

  • 60’s - Inspired by British (Soft) Rock, the spirit of which partially originated during the era of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

  • Eagle’s Path - Inspired by the Native beliefs, Colonial settlements and history of a nation birthed during the era of Assassin’s Creed III

  • Tales Of The Winds And Waters - Inspired by the colonies, cultures and waters of the Caribbean and West Indies explored, settled and sailed upon during the era of Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag

Coming soon! Stay tuned here on The Ones Who Came Before for updates.

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About the Author

Gustav is an active community member who specialises in Podcast Hosting & Composing. By joining the program, he has had the opportunity to expand his audience and further his skills, even helping to revive 'The Memory Corridor' series, which had been offline for nearly a year.

His unique skill set made him the perfect candidate for our AC Partnership Program, of which he has been a part of since it began back in 2019. He recently released the very unique Sounds Of History music project; an original instrumental project, featuring five tracks inspired by AC, written and produced by him.

Gustav Poulsen (Gargudon)

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