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Interview with Lee Majdoub - The Role of Basim, Arabic Authenticity, Acting in Games VS Films & More


11 Oct 2023

Written By:

Edited By:

Colum Blackett

Gargudon from our team had the opportunity to sit down with Lee Majdoub, the man behind the voice of protagonist Basim in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, for a chat about everything from the road to and preparation for the role, authenticity in acting, the AC community, acting in games versus shows and films and much more.

Video edited by FrameHoldPhotography.

Thank you again Lee for making space for this and being awesome!


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About the Author

Gustav is an active community member who specialises in Podcast Hosting & Composing.

By joining the program, he has had the opportunity to expand his audience and further his skills, even helping to revive 'The Memory Corridor' series, which had been offline for nearly a year.

His unique skill set made him the perfect candidate for our AC Partnership Program, of which he has been a part of since it began back in 2019.

He recently released the very unique Sounds Of History music project; an original instrumental project, featuring five tracks inspired by AC, written and produced by him.

Gustav (Gargudon)


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