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Assassin's Creed Wedding Ideas


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16 Dec 2022

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Engagement is undoubtebly an exciting time for couples, filled with planning and saving, but it can also be stressful as they aim to make the day perfect. One thing that can be particularly tricky is getting interests and hobbies across in a way that doesn't clash with other wedding day choices.

For some, like myself, Assassin's Creed is an obvious choice, and others may also wish to incorporate AC inspired elements into their wedding day.

Here you will find some of the best Assassin's Creed Wedding ideas to act as inspiration for a future big day.




One of the first things to book when planning a wedding is the venue: The place where it all happens. Although we have never actually seen a wedding occur in an Assassin's Creed game between main characters, you can still find inspiration in the franchise for the perfect setting.


Monteriggioni / Tuscany







An old castle


The Rings



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About the Author

Col is the Community Admin for The Ones Who Came Before, and one of the UK Assassin's Creed community ambassadors.

He is also a former Ubisoft Star Player, and has spent the last 8 years working within the Assassin's Creed community on countless projects.

Colum Blackett

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