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Assassin's Creed Watercolour Art Dump by Shaya Fury


22 Mar 2024

Written By:

Edited By:

Colum Blackett

We are pleased to present the works of TOWCB Artist Shaya Fury who has created a series of watercolour creations inspired by the world of Assassin's Creed.



We particularly love this art journal, as each page brings the world of Assassin's Creed to life.

The Isu architecture left behind by the First Civilisation is recognisable in all mediums, and Shaya has done a great job at representing the long forgotten mechanisms once used by humanity's ancient ancestors.


Ways to support the artist

Art Lessons

Shaya is now giving art lessons online, teaching both traditional and digital styles, starting from the basics, colour theory, different materials and more!

If you're interested, send her a message on Twitter.


Etsy Shop

You can purchase art by Shaya Fury on Etsy, or contact her for commissions.



Shaya has six levels of subscription on Patreon, offering different levels of access.


Shaya Fury LinkTree


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About the Author

Shaya Fury is an Artist/Freelance Illustrator who blends a mix of traditional methods with digital designs to create art pieces that are bursting with colour.

Shaya Fury

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