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Art Reveal: Hytham Sketch SophiaEA16


28 Mar 2021

Written By:

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Ashlea Blackett

We're pleased to reveal a new piece of art created by our very own SophiaEA16 from the AC Partnership Program!

This sketch of Hytham from Assassin's Creed Valhalla was done on toned paper in class, and brings the character to life! 

One particular feature that stands out for me is the hair, with each individual strand making an impact. 

You'll soon be able to find more of Sophia's projects in the Community HUB.

You can find links to her social media accounts below.


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About the Author

Sophia is a talented artist and Twitch streamer from Venice who joined the program in early 2021.

During her time on the program, Sophia worked closely with our community members on a number of art different projects, such as competitions and fundraising campaigns.


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