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What we want to see from the Assassin's Creed Franchise in 2020

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29/12/19                                      By Mieke Dix                                  Edited by Ashlea Buckley


5. Assassin’s Creed 1, Version 2.0


This is effectively a repeat from last year’s list which is why it’s first on this one, but it’s just as relevant. The game that started it all has yet to receive a remaster on current-gen platforms, unlike every other previous-gen title. Sure, there are plenty who dislike it due to its gameplay being simplistic and repetitive, particularly in comparison to the later games, but that doesn’t make Altaïr’s story any less compelling. 


It’s definitely a game that would benefit from a significant technical overhaul instead of merely an aesthetic one, which may well explain why they haven’t remastered it yet - or just won’t bother. However, whether we’ll be seeing this anytime soon or not is unclear, so all we can do is once again cross our fingers that it’ll feature in the upcoming UbiE3 lineup.

4. Next Instalment Announced

With all the leaks and rumors that have been abounding on the internet this year, it’s somewhat inevitable that Ubisoft’s E3 press conference in June will feature a teaser trailer for the next game, at the very least. What’s less certain is whether Ubisoft will announce the game for release this year on current-gen only, or wait until 2021 when they can release it on the new Xbox and PS5, whether that’s a dual-release or next-gen only.

This is where we can only hope that, if they are planning a dual-release, Ubisoft thoroughly learned their lesson following the disaster that was Rogue/Unity’s release. Whatever the case, we fully expect there to be a new main series title announced at some point in the coming year.


3. The Symphony on CD 

The Assassin’s Creed Symphony was a wonderful celebration of the many composers who have been a part of the franchise since its inception and their beautiful, emotive music. I personally attended the performance in London (and probably cried 90% of the time). Each game’s soundtrack was arranged into an excellently-composed suite which showcased the music at its best. What would be greatly appreciated, doubly so by those who couldn’t get a ticket for whatever reason, is an album of the arrangements for us to enjoy at our leisure. 


Of course, what would also be appreciated is an announcement that the Symphony will become an annual event visiting more locations worldwide, or even a series of concerts that would allow for even more arrangements of each soundtrack….! Wait, where was I?


2. Creed-Con 2020?


Something that was evident by the response to the Symphony - mainly the rapidity at which it sold tickets - is that there really is a market for official Assassin’s Creed events and experiences. That’s not to say that we demand an official Assassin’s Creed convention or anything, but there is plenty of scope for other events. (I mean, a convention also sounds freaking awesome). The community already organises a fair amount of events of their own accord, but to be able to pull all that passion under one, officially-endorsed roof would be grand. 


For example: the Symphony becoming a regular event could be a good start. It could be the perfect headline act of a convention, or even a one/two-day festival of celebration for the franchise, especially if it was then streamed live for all to enjoy.

ac symph.png

1. A Return to its Roots


I plan on getting a bit more in depth about this at some point, but let’s face facts: the series is nothing like it was in the beginning. This isn’t actually a bad thing, and Origins and Odyssey are both fantastic games. However, the criticism that neither game feels like Assassin’s Creed is entirely fair, and there is a good deal of worry that the series will just continue to stray further and further from where it began, until it’s purely Assassin’s Creed by name only.

Hopefully we can see a return of the rooftop-skulking, shadow-lurking assassins that we all came to love, and less of the colossal maps half-full of empty space. We love naval combat because it’s fun, fast-paced and exhilarating, but we also love balancing precariously on window ledges four storeys up as we stalk a Templar far below, ready to dive gracefully into the nearest hay bale and wait for the perfect moment to strike. Now that is Assassin’s Creed at its heart, and we desperately want that back.


About the Author


Mieke is a huge fan of the Assassin's Creed franchise, and is looking forward to creating regular content for the AC community as an online article writer.

She has previously written articles for Cultured Vultures and currently runs an online gaming blog. By joining the program, Mieke will be able to write articles on a wide variety of topics for the community. Her work will soon be available in the Community Hub​.

You can find her on Twitter

Mieke Dix

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