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Assassin's Creed Valhalla Guide:

How to find the Secret Burial Site of Grand Magister Vitus

By William Hede HojelseSkole



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In this article I am going to be show you how find Grand Magister Vitus' burial site in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. 

Magister Vitus was a high-ranking member of the Hidden Ones who oversaw the evacuation of the brotherhood in the fifth century. Vitus is mentioned a few times throughout the game in documents found in the Hidden One’s bureaus, and in the description of the Magister armour set that can be found throughout the various regions.


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Finding the clues

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Decrypting the Code

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In order to find him we will have to travel to the southern coast of cent. More specifically to two towers called Dover Pharos and Dover fortress. Once you are at the Dover Pharos you will need to climb to the top. There you will find a marking in the shape of a triangle. Left of the triangle there should be the Roman number: l.

CLUE 1.jpg

Next up we will travel to Dover fortress. There you will find a tower similar to the one at Dover Pharos. Again, we will have to climb to the top of the tower you will find another triangle a little different from the one found in Dover Pharos. Instead of the roman number l there will be the roman number ll just right of the triangle.


Now this took me a while to figure out but the hint here is to consider Dover Pharos and Dover fortress as the first and the second vertexes of the triangle. As seen below.


Now the third vertex is where you will need to go in order to find Magister Vitus’ unmarked burial site.

Near the area seen above you will find a well, covered with wooden planks. Break the wooden planks and you will be able to climb down into the well. Here you will finally find the remains of Magister Vitus. You will also notice an Assassin insignia engraved on the floor.


In the back of his tomb you will find different things such as the roman number lll confirming that this is the right location. You will also find the hidden one’s insignia at the bottom of his tomb. As one of the last things you will find a cryptic message on a scroll.


Now this message can be deciphered by reading the letter every other two letters.

Original text

mlmaoensadqmvvacixanimomvsasdclovimlbipenane tnvetir tiavlts

deciphered text

mlmaoensadqmvvacixanimomvsasdclovimlbipenane tnvetir tiavlts

Now using a decoder will leave us with the message:'

Mandvcamvs libenter allos qvi nos dominent at mea maxima cvlpa vitvs

Which if you translate it in latin means:

"We gladly bite those who would dominate us, but I failed. Vitus."

With this translation we can for sure be certain that this is Magister Vitus burial site


About the Author

William is a passionate Assassin's Creed fan who recently joined TOWCB AC Partnership Program as an Online Article Writer.

Throughout 2021, William and other writers will be joining the admin team in a collaborative effort to create an Assassin's Creed Valhalla Guide Database, which you can find here.


William Hede HojelseSkole

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