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TOWCB Assassin's Creed Art Exhibition:
Yasmin Page


6 Jul 2022

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Ashlea Blackett

Welcome to the first article in a new series dedicated to Assassin's Creed art. This new community showcase will explore the works of many artists around the world, and cover many different styles.


Our first 'art-icle' is dedicated to Yasmin Page, a talented digital artist based in Melbourne, Australia who discovered the Assassin's Creed series in 2019. In Summer 2022, Yasmin joined our Assassin's Creed Partnership Program (Isu Network) Art Team, so keep an eye out for future projects on the site!


We begin our art exhibition with a hooded Altaïr, member of the Levantine Brotherhood of Assassins and later Mentor of Masyaf.

To me, this looks like the original Altaïr that we saw in AC1, voiced by Philip Shahbaz. The face hidden beneath the hood resembles the AC1 face model, where an older version of the Animus made ancestors look like its users, in this case Desmond Miles.

The shading is particularly impressive in this digital sketch, adding tone and depth to the great Assassin.


Next up we have Ezio Auditore from Assassin's Creed II, the charming Florentine nobleman who goes on to become Mentor of the Italian Brotherhood of Assassins.

I particularly like the detail on the iconic scar which he receives after an encounter with a sharp rock on the Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence. 

Ezio's hair is also striking in this piece, and to me, his lack of facial hair indicates that this is a youthful man in the days before the tragic events of AC II.


Here we have Desmond Miles from either AC II or AC Brotherhood. This is a character that changed many times throughout the series, but this piece does well to capture an early version of the character.

This piece makes me think of a Desmond who is  enjoying his freedom after escaping Abstergo with Lucy Stillman, hopping in and out of the animus in search of answers.


Arno Victor Dorian. The hair. The eyes. The stance.


Yasmin has done an incredible job of capturing Arno's facial expressions, and this piece in particular shows off her talent for bringing Assassin's Creed characters to life.

I can't age Arno in the piece, but the piercing gaze and nose scar portray him perfectly. Hopefully this is before the great pain he suffers in Assassin's Creed Unity.


Here we have the Great Medjay, Bayek of Siwa.


Looking at this picture, I feel like I can hear Abubakar Salim's exceptional voice acting. It makes me want to boot up Assassin's Creed Origins again, and hunt down the The Order of Ancients.

This piece also had me re-listen to 'I Walk on Your Water' by Sarah Schachner, one of the stand-out songs on an excellent soundtrack.

I really like how this piece captures Bayek's mood, especially after the loss of his son. The dark background also builds on the sombre atmosphere.


If looks could kill. In this case, they do.


Here we see Kassandra, also known as The Eagle Bearer or Misthios. 

Although some felt that Odyssey was a questionable title for the series, as it acted as a prequel to a prequel. Kassandra's personality and the great open landscapes made it worth at least one playthrough.

This is another side profile sketch, something which Yasmin excels at. I like how the shading on Kassandra's neckline adds to the 3D effect of the image, along with the wisps of hair which add volume against the white background.

Kassandra had a great sense of humour, and knew how to be sarcastic without being annoying (unlike Shaun Hastings)



Grand Master Haytham Kenway, wearing the iconic tricorn hat. This is a man who is planning the expansion of the Colonial Rite of the Templar Order, and the destruction of the Assassin Brotherhood.

I like how the colours chosen for this image bring to mind those connected to the Templar Order. Another character who would be depicted well in this style would be Shay Cormac, as he is the perfect reflection of this red and black colour scheme.

It looks as if Haytham has just been in battle, and the small pieces missing from the Templar cross remind me of animus fragments, suggesting descyronisation.

This piece is a cool tribute to a great character, who in another timeline, would no doubt have been a great Assassin.


Finally, we have Ratohnhakéton, also known as Connor (and not Connor Kenway).


To me, this looks like Connor in simpler times, before the destruction of his village. The light surrounding him could even be depicting the scene during his first encounter with the Apple of Eden, where Juno reached out to him in an effort to locate and hide the Grand Temple Key for Desmond.

I like the use of the purple background, as it is a colour you don't see very often in Assassin's Creed. My favourite part of this piece is Connor's hair because of the level of depth achieved by the artist, especially the attention to detail in including Connor's plait, a signature of the character's youth earlier in the game.

There's a long road ahead for this young man, but he will meet his destiny head on with striking conviction.


That's it for this Assassin's Creed Art Exhibition. Keep an eye on the website throughout 2022 and beyond for more Assassin's Creed artwork by Yasmin Page! You can find her personal channels listed below


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