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Summon the Brotherhood: A Review of the Summoners War X Assassin’s Creed Crossover Event


10 Apr 2023

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Colum Blackett

Banner by Thea Marie Rivedal (Moonchildgecko) from TOWCB Art Team.

Starting in the month of March through May 1, 2023, Summoners War is collaborating with the Assassin’s Creed franchise for a variety of events including a themed dungeon, exclusive Arena opponent, and five characters from the games. Ubisoft is well known for their openness to cameos or crossovers with properties within their own IP umbrella and other companies. It is a simple way to promote both games and introduce fans to each other and the respective works. This is most commonly seen with mobile games as the games as a service model results in various events that are great for promotion and drawing in new players that hopefully will continue to play once said event has ended.

What is Summoners War

Summoners War is a gacha-based team building RPG game where players “summon” characters using scrolls of various types to collect characters of various designs and strength levels (or ranks). These characters are upgraded by playing through turn-based levels where your team of 2-5 characters (based on level difficulty) will fight waves of enemies, progressing through a story based around the releasing of a “dark magic” in a fantasy world (something that I did not pay much attention to). The game walks you through all aspects of the game through tutorials and quest lines, showing you how to level characters via EXP and absorbing weaker characters, merging creatures to get new ones, and building a personal island with multiple buildings that provide things like shops, storage, and speciality focus for things like summoning and mining resources.

Event Story

The story for this event has fan favorite and original Assassin, Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad appearing on the player’s island with the Assassin’s Headquarters. He informs the host character, Ellia, that he is searching for the Templars and asks for both her and the player’s help. This Headquarters building acts as a daily Assassin Quest hub that will reward the player “Codex Pages” and game materials such as currency and summoning scrolls in return for completing quests such as fighting the mysterious Master X in the PVP Arena or completing a set number of campaign or dungeon missions. The Codex pages are used to claim rewards from the various event campaigns that will be discussed below. 


The characters included in the crossover between Summoners War and Assassin’s Creed are Kassandra from AC Odyssey, Bayek of Siwa from AC Origins, Eivor Varinsdottr from AC Valhalla, Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad from the original Assassin’s Creed, and Ezio Auditore da Firenze from AC Revelations. Each character (with the exception of Altaïr) can be summoned in any of the five character types, Water, Fire Wind, Light, and Dark. Altaïr is a Light exclusive character that is rewarded in an event that is detailed further in this article.

During the time I played the game and events, nearly 60 hours, I was able to get each of the featured Assassins with a mixed coverage of types (all but Darkness). My first character was Kassandra, followed by Bayek and Eivor, then Altaïr from one of the event campaigns, and lastly Ezio after multiple batch summons from the RNG based gacha system. I played with each character, focusing on leveling and evolving them quickly to reach the higher start ranks which improves their stats and chances at success in the various game modes. I reached the highest ranking of 6-Stars with Bayek and Kassandra before ending my initial playthrough of the game. I was able to play the full campaign (non-event themed) on nearly all difficulty levels, using these characters to progress through the story quickly.

Event Dungeon

An exclusive event dungeon is included with the update that started the collaboration with Assassin’s Creed and has players work through a pathway dungeon that varies in difficulty depending on direction selected. The enemies are at post game levels (from my experience) and unfortunately for me were too difficult to fight even with the high levels of my characters (from both Assassin and Summoners War). Due to this, I was unable to explore the dungeon in full but was able to at least see what the boss was for the event.

The Legion Commander of Conviction is the event boss and is a really cool design. This Templar commander looks like a formidable foe to defeat with your team of Assassins or other characters. Per the notes in the image, he uses magic power from the Piece of Eden that is influencing the dungeon. I had hoped to defeat him at least once during my play, but the dungeon feels more designed for those that are already playing the game.

Altaïr Giveaway Event

The first Event is designed around collecting Altaïr, and is broken down across 7 rounds where players must defeat a set number of Monsters & fight a set number of matches in the Arena to be rewarded energy and currency for the game. Once they have completed the two tiers for each round, they are provided a Hidden Mission that will reward more currency & summoning scrolls. 

At ranks 3 & 5 players are rewarded Ezio themed Emojis for the game chat and the Assassin Altaïr at the end of round 4. The final round 7 rewards an Assassin’s Creed Summoning Scroll which gives a guaranteed Assassin summon, whereas the normal scrolls can reward an Assassin, but it is random among the other characters. What is nice about this event is that you do not have to complete the Hidden Missions to progress, you only have to defeat Monsters and fight in the Arena, but you do have to complete them for the themed rewards. Altaïr is rewarded after finishing a set amount of Assassin Missions from the Headquarters.

Collab Gift Bag & Monster Skill Level-Up Event

The second event is based around collecting the Codex Pages from playing during the event. Players can claim energy and currency each day after gathering Codexes in increments of 10 (up until 40) and then Summoning Scrolls every 20 pages from 20 - 180. At 100 scrolls collected and 200 scrolls collected the player is rewarded with exclusive themed items.

First is a Collab Outfit for Ellia that dresses her as an Abstergo Scientist, Ellia opens her book to release an orb of light and adjusts her glasses before closing it again.

Second is a Collab Building, the Assassin Post, which has five spaces for players to display your Assassins (or whatever character you choose). Players can place this anywhere on their Island and activate it to see a cool hologram display of the Animus field and the Assassin’s Emblem.

Pages are not consumed for these items but, the Codex pages can be used to pay for caches of items from upgrade monsters, scrolls, runes (used to boost characters), currency, and energy. This is a great way to progress quickly as a new player as players only have to play the game and save the Codex Pages for the caches. It is also the event that players can claim Codex Pages to rank up the skills of the Assassins which is normally obtained by using duplicate characters of the same name to level up that Assassin (ie. using Kassandra to level up Kassandra).

Collaboration Treasure Chest Event

This event is broken into two mission sets assigned by Ezio and Summoners War character, Archangel. Ezio requires you to clear Brotherhood missions from the Headquarters and enter the Arena, World Arena, or Guild content gamemodes. Archangel asks for players to Enter dungeons of various types and play Scenario missions (story missions). Once players complete 2 Ezio missions and 3 Archangel missions, they are given a Key to open one of 28 chests that reward similar rewards to the caches from the previous event. Once all chests are claimed, the keys can be exchanged for energy and currency.

Trial of Ascension Event

One of the various game modes is the ladder based Trial of Ascension where players climb a battle tower and are rewarded every 10 levels. In this event, each level cleared gives the player 1 point that can be used to claim Summoning Scrolls every 20 points up to 150 (the last two rewards at 120 and 150). There is also a reward for clearing the first 10 floors on Normal and Hard difficulty. If the player clears Floor 50, they can claim an Assassin’s Creed Scroll for an Assassin summon.

Assassin’s Creed Scroll Giveaway Event

Bayek hosts this event and rewards points for completing an array of missions that each reward different amounts of points and allow the player to claim rewards every 1,000 points. The best reward is an Assassin’s Creed Scroll at 6,000 points. There isn’t much to this event, just a lot of play required. When the event had started, I claimed around 2750 points as I researched the game for this event.

Collaboration Special Reward Giveaway Event

What appears to be the final event has players defeat the Boss in the Event Dungeon and clear Assassin Brotherhood Missions. Players will be rewarded an Assassin’s Creed Statue, Kassandra Emojis, an Assassin Brotherhood Rainbowmon Transmog (which is used for upgrading a character), and lastly the Assassin’s Fortress building for their island. There is still time to claim these for the event, but if players have the same difficulty curve that I experienced, that may not be possible to get the all.

When I first started the event, I rushed through most of the game just attempting to get the Assassin characters. Over the 60 hours I played for this article, I started to follow along with the Summoner’s Way questlines to figure out what to do and enjoyed playing the game more once I did that. I made a few mistakes and used characters for leveling my Assassins that hindered me from completing quests until I summoned that character again, but with all of the prizes I received from the events, they were easy to replace. The game is worth looking at just for the crossover, and can be played afterwards if you end up liking the game, but jump in sooner than later as the individual events end within the next few weeks and if you want these characters, they won't stick around forever, so jump in and help the Brotherhood!


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