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John Wick Temporized


3 Aug 2023

Written By:

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Colum Blackett

Welcome to another Assassin's Creed deep dive, this time covering the John Wick film series!

In this extensive 316 page breakdown, ActualSpider-Man from the Isu Network Writing Team analyses the similarities between the John Wick franchise and Assassin's Creed!

We hope that you find this comprehensive research inciteful!


John Wick _ Temporized
Download PDF • 227.28MB

Warning: Document is 227mbs


Released June 2023:

''With the fourth and (we all know it’s not) “final” Chapter of the John Wick series about to hit home collections, it’s my pleasure to present the most thorough timeline of events you’ll likely ever find!

Beginning with my need to know more on the Blood Marker’s back sporting a connection to Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, I’ve spent the last couple months compiling factoids and context that is notoriously slathered in mystery, and I’ve attempted to give us as many interesting insights pulled from the intricately esoteric web of intrigue the series of John Wick speaks to.

Stripping all the named players in The High Table’s Assassins, and highlighting the rules and dealings behind their shadow economy, you’ll then be dipping your pinkie into the “Temporized” timeline using all kinds of cited sources that allude to the larger world, laid bare for others to connect.

It includes all 4 films entirely scripted, the 2 official spin-off games and John Wick’s Payday outings, the John Wick: Book of Rules comic run teasers/explanation, all we know on the unreleased Continental mini series and Ballerina film, and a few theoretical connections!

I did try to stick to strictly charting the cars and weapons John himself interacts with, as the doc is already sizable, but there’s a few really cool things I’m dying to point out here for those that think they’ve seen it all:

I’ve fully timed 1-4 down to the minute if shown, and found a never-before-seen tidbit in John Wick Chronicles that tells that little bit more about the femme fatale, Ms. Perkins… then we get into the connections to The Package (2013) and Nobody (2021), with all Administrative documents meticulously pulled apart too, revealing all kinds of missable timeable facts that even the fandom Wiki doesn’t chart! (Not even mentioning there’s no timeline in sight on there, either!)

All this and more awaits inside these 316pgs of High Table secrets. I have served. I will be of service. Now it’s your choice. And by all means, if there’s anything I’m missing that you’d like to see covered, do share so I can better refine this in the future!

[For anyone hoping to download this doc for later reference, it’s absolutely free, using password zàrhomi, be sure to use the à! A relic of my other Temporizing endeavor, meaning “I am permitted” in Assassin’s Creed’s Isu language! ;)]

Your Friendly High Table Assassin''

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About the Author

Author of the all-encompassing timeline, Codex Temporis, and the Isu-to-English dictionary, Codex Transferendum, Your Friendly Neighborhood Mentor is here to help unweave the confusing web of AC!


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