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Codex Transferendum v2.0.2 | The Isu-to-English Dictionary & Language Guide Released


16 Mar 2024

Written By:

Edited By:

Colum Blackett

Welcome to Codex Transferendum v2.0.2, where Isu 101 is only the beginning!

Inside there are 460 pages of sourced breakdowns, sentence complexity, a formulaic list of every word we’ve seen and how they’re built, followed by a comprehensive compilation of every possible rearrangement and conjugation of every root word, interpreting quite a few fun possibilities for words unseen!

Hopefully this translation and language guide can help all of us solve any upcoming Isu puzzles that much faster, and for anyone interested it is entirely free to download. Enjoy, and always remember:

ṇoænos wahæáid

oænosr zàrhṇdichṛ

Your Friendly Neighborhood Mentor

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About the Author

Author of the all-encompassing timeline, Codex Temporis, and the Isu-to-English dictionary, Codex Transferendum, Your Friendly Neighborhood Mentor is here to help unweave the confusing web of AC!


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