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Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Odin's Rune Mystery


23 Mar 2021

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Ashlea Buckley

Numerous unexplained runes have been found around England in Assassin's Creed Valhalla, a mystery that has yet to be solved. Here we will be logging all of the locations (in no particular order), and taking a deeper look at the mysterious runes, and the theories surrounding their purpose.

Before we start, I'd like to thank the efforts of DarkStrider19, Jayvee and the Ubisoft Forum/ Reddit communities for all of the progress made on the mystery so far.

The logo represents Odin's rune of camouflage and deception. Could that be a clue?

We are encouraging our community members to continue the search, with the ultimate aim of solving the mystery.


It seems that the runes are somehow connected, but the correct way to activate them has not yet been discovered. Are they leading to somewhere, like coordinates on a map, or is an action needed to begin a quest? 





Our article on the Odin's Rune Mystery prompted a response from Narrative Director Darby McDevitt, who confirmed that the mysterious symbols are part of a mystery that cannot be fully solved yet.

After months of theorising and searching, community members can finally stop their investigations.


It seems that the mystery will probably be continued in the upcoming DLC's or Seasonal Updates, but we look forward to joining the community once again one day to conclude this puzzling enigma.


Rune 1

Located only a short distance away from the Ravensthorpe Settlement, the first rune can be found carved into rocks near the River Nene.

Source: Jayvee


Rune 2

Discovered by Reddit user Valentin0813, the second mysterious symbol can be found in Suthsexe, west of Brimclif Monastery along the coast line. You can also discover a hidden cave beneath the rune!



Rune 3

Another rune was discovered by the Reddit community, this time in East Anglia, west of Elmenham. The marking is located next to a small pond on nearby rocks. Apparently, walking over or standing near this rune can activate a noise! You can listen to it below.



Rune 4

Community member Andrew discovered this well hidden rune in Northern Hamtunshire, just south of Uffentune. After discovering the mysterious marking, he sent the location over to Youtuber Jayvee who covered it a video. As this rune is so hard to find, requiring Eivor to jump down several levels of mountain cliff, I highly recommend checking out the video if you're looking to find it yourself.



Rune 5

The fifth rune was discovered members of the Ubisoft Forums. In a thread dedicated to the mystery, multiple theories are being crafted, many of which dive deep into Norse/ Isu lore.

This rune can be found in Sciropshire, west of the Trent river on the base of a cliff. Once again, we see the same L shaped lettering, except this one is elevated in comparison to the first four.


Rune 6

A sixth rune was found by community member Shane Reneaux, and covered by Youtuber Dark Strider in this video.

To find this rune, head to Anlaf's lookout in Eurvicscire, and move a short distance away from the tower towards the steps, away from the scaffolding.




Six Runes, or more?

It seems that the runes may follow a pattern in terms of location and distance. Could another one be located in this area?

It might even be that the mystery is somehow connected to the UK's leylines, areas often associated with mysterious earth energies or supernatural powers.

As nine is such an important number in Norse mythology, it seems logical that there would be nine runes in the game. Are we missing three?

Perhaps a sacrifice is needed near the runes to activate them? 


Fan Theories

Twitter user BigDaddy1150 believes that the runes are of Icelandic origin, hinting at a possible meeting between The Raven Clan and Icelandic Vikings during Eivor's time in Ireland, which will be explored in the Wrath of the Druids DLC!

He also adds that Odin's Illusionary Rune was used to make the bearer invisible or shape shift, such as the Viking berzerkers who took on the form, strength, and courage of bears in battle.

Viking Repose By Seb McKinnon


Pattinsondom from the Ubisoft Forums suggests that the mystery may be connected to a series of notes that can be found within the game. For example, a strange note that someone tried to hide from Odin can be found beneath the Well of Urdr in Asgard.


Could it be connected?


Stonesie87 from the Ubisoft Forums believes that the current rune locations may match the nine markers that can se seen on Eivor's skeleton!


Jayvee revealed in a video that his followers have also found different strange markings. This symbol can be found on a tree in Gloucester, and also inside a tower that can only be found via an illusion Jotunheim.

He suggests that perhaps Valhalla's main game may also have illusions for Eivor, rather than purely inside the dream state. Is an undiscovered item needed to trigger the illusions?

Some fans claim to have discovered secret caves near the runes, so maybe one day a secret item will be found.


Reddit user Acedyn22 suggests that the five Odin runes may be linked to the five senses: Touch, Sight, Taste, Smell, Sound, and maybe even Eagle Vision.

Suthsexe: Illusionary Birds (Sight)

East Anglia: Chime Sounds (Sound)

Could there be more connections?


We've hit a dead end with this mystery until future updates are made to the game, so hopefully together as a community we can find the answers!

Huge thanks you to all the community members who have put so much time and energy into resolving this puzzle so far!

Updates will be made to this article if more of Odin's Runes are discovered.

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