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AC Community Questions:
Ben Weal (TOWCB Digital Analyst)

Community Interview

14 Apr 2023

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Ashlea Blackett

For this round of Assassin's Creed Community Questions, we invited Ben Weal, Digital Analyst for The Assassin's Creed Partnership Program // TOWCB's Core Team.

Col: Hi Ben. Thanks for joining us today! Please could you tell us a little bit about yourself, and your role within the Assassin's Creed Community.

Ben: First of all, hi Col and thank you for welcoming me to The Ones Who Came Before. So, at the moment I am currently working in London in private healthcare but would like to move more into a marketing role. That is what led me to get in contact with you to try and get some experience by working with you on TOWCB community. So, my role within the community will be to help with the analytical side of things, helping us understand what our audiences like and what they want to see more of. I will also be assisting with the social media side of things to help increase our following within that department. 


Col: How did you end up joining The Ones Who Came Before Team, and how are you finding it so far?

Ben: As I was saying I am currently in private health care but I am interested in moving into a more marketing type role. I am specifically interested in the numbers and the statistics of things. For example, seeing how many people visited a certain page and the percentage of those people who returned to that page. So far, I’ve just been going over the analytics side of things and making notes on what pages are performing well and what can be improved on. I’m excited to delve deeper and get my teeth stuck in! 


Col: Do you have any project plans for 2023, and what are you hoping to achieve by joining TOWCB?

Ben: I don’t have any specific plans for 2023 but I am excited to be a part of the TOWCB team and to help you guys grow as a community.


Col: Do you have any personal AC goals you would like to achieve, or for The Ones Who Came Before?

Ben: I think the main goal for me is to help increase TOWCB presence and improve the site's SEO throughout the coming year.


Col: Are you looking forward to working alongside the team to help boost The Ones Who Came Before on social media channels and search engines.

Ben: I’m very excited to get cracking with the rest of the team and to help out in any way I can. I believe me and Michael will be working alongside each other on some social media projects to help improve the community's presence. This will be very interesting and insightful for me as I know Michael has quite a good knowledge around this sort of area. I’m looking forward to learning lots of new things from the whole of the team!


Col: Which game would you consider to be your favourite?

Ben: I first started playing Assassin's Creed when I got an Xbox 360 which was a while ago now. I believe it was Assassins Creed II but I have been playing the games ever since then. The franchise has come so far since then, it’s crazy. I think my favourite game at the moment has to be Odyssey. I’m big into Roman times and love all films that have to do with that period of time. So the fact that I could Sparta kick NPCs non stop was such a win for me. Valhalla is a close second but it has to be Odyssey.


Col: Do you have a favourite piece of Assassin's Creed merchandise?

Ben: I do not have any merchandise myself but I am a big fan of the replica sword that you own Col. I remember the first time I went round to yours and it was the first thing you showed me. Very cool!


Col: Have you visited any of the locations from the games? 

Ben: When I went to Greece on holiday it was my plan to try and visit some of the places from the game but unfortunately I did not manage it. Maybe next time.


Col: Which Assassin's Creed character would you say you have the most in common with?

Ben: Difficult question. I cannot remember the characters name but it was in Odyssey on the first island you start on. The character gives Alexios tasks to do which eventually helps him to leave. The character was just very chill and laid back; not much stressed him out. I like to think I am similar in that respects.


Col: Are you excited for the launch of Assassin's Creed Mirage?

Ben: I am looking forward to the new game. I have not seen too much about it as I like going into it without knowing too much. From the same bits that I have seen though it kind of looks like the Assassin's Creed of old, which is very exciting.


Col: What would be your dream setting for the upcoming AC Netflix TV series?

Ben: My dream setting for the series would obviously be based around Greece like the Odyssey game.


Col: Are there any cut features from the series you would like to see return in the next installment?

Ben: One of my favourite side quests within any game has always been hunting mythical creatures and collecting their special items. It was done well in Odyssey and Valhalla so Im excited to see if they will keep that in Mirage.


Col: Where can our community members find you online?

Ben: I can be found on instagram under BGW1703.


We would like to say a huge thank you to Ben for joining us for this round of AC Community Questions!.

His work behind the scenes will massively boost our digital profile, and we look forward to working alongside him and the rest of the team to leave our mark on the Assassin's Creed community.


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About the Author

Col is one of the UK's leading Assassin's Creed Community members, and is best known for establishing both 'The Ones Who Came Before' fan community and 'Isu_Network' content creation program.

As Team Leader for The Ones Who Came Before, Col was officially recognised by Ubisoft, becoming one the UK Assassin's Creed community ambassadors in 2016. He has attended many events after spending a decade in the AC Community, and has worked on countless projects, all of which you can find here on TOWCB website.

He is also a former Ubisoft Star Player and member of The Mentors Guild, two recognisable community programs which opened doors and took his status within the AC Community to the next level.

Colum Blackett (Col_96)

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