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Merchandise Guide: Assassins Creed Funko Pop! Vinyls

By Ashlea Buckley

Updated 11/1/21

This article looks at the wide range of Assassin's Creed Funko Pop! Vinyls currently available. The majority of these Pop! figures are widely available to purchase, however there are several Pop! figures which are more rare and can be priced much higher than standard Pop! figures.

Aguilar de Nerha Pop! Figure

This pop figure is among some of the easiest Pop! figures to

get hold of.

It is accessible in most Pop! stores and online through sites

such as Ebay and Amazon. 

Amazon: Link

Assassin's Creed Movie


Callum Lynch Pop! Figure 

As with the Aguilar Pop! Callum is fairly easy to find in stores

and online from Ebay, Amazon and Pop In A Box.

​Amazon: Link


Maria Pop! Figure 

Maria can be found along with other Assassin's Creed Movie

Pop! vinyls in stores such as Forbidden Planet as well as

online from Pop in a Box, Ebay and Amazon.

Amazon: Link


Ojeda Pop! Figure 

Ojeda can be found in pop stores and online from Pop in a

Box, Ebay and Amazon.

Amazon: Link


Crouching Aguilar Pop! Figure

This Pop! figure is becoming increasingly more accessible.

This figure was initially released as a loot crate exclusive,

however the number of these Pops being sold through

platforms such as Ebay and Amazon is increasing.

​Amazon: Link

The Games


Ezio Auditore da Firenze (aka Col_96's main man) Pop! Vinyl 

This pop figure is fairly accessible online from Ebay and

Amazon which is unsurprising due to the popularity of the

character. However, as seen below, the different variations of

this pop vinyl are more rare.

​Amazon: Link



Ezio Pop! Figure - Eagle Vision 

This Ezio Pop! shows the use of eagle vision and therefore is

a little more rare than the Original Ezio Figure. However it is

still fairly accessible on Ebay and Amazon, and the average price does not appear drastically more expensive than the standard Pop! vinyls at around £15-20.

Amazon: Link


Ezio Pop! Figure - Black Robes 

This Pop figure is much less readily available and therefore would be a prize piece in any avid Assassin's Creed fan's collection.
However having this gem in your display will not come cheap as this Pop! figure sells for anywhere between £70-£130 on Ebay, and cannot be found on many other sites.


Plague Doctor Pop! Figure 

This is a rare figure from the Assassin's Creed multiplayer mode in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. 
Due to the niche nature of this Pop! there are fewer available 
to buy. 

​This pop is often only found on sites such as Ebay and for prices around £35-70.


Connor (Ratonhnhaké:ton) Pop! Figure

Connor's Pop! figure is a little more difficult to find on main

sites such as Amazon where the figure will cost around

£50-60.However more appear to be available on Ebay for a slightly lower price of around £20-40.

Amazon: Link


Aveline De Grandpré Pop! Figure 

This Assassin's Creed Liberation figure is again a little more difficult to locate and will often fetch a higher than standard price.
This figure can be found on Ebay for around £30+ and on Amazon for anywhere between £40-£120!

Amazon: Link


Edward Kenway Pop! Figure 

This Pop! figure is one of the more difficult to obtain, Edward can be located on sites such as Pop in a Box, Amazon and Ebay however for a high price. Amazon lists this Pop at

around £90 whilst on Ebay it can be found for closer to £60.

Amazon: Link


Arno Dorian Pop! Figure 

This figure is much easier to access than those from AC3, however it is priced slightly higher than a standard pop vinyl

at around £18-27 on both Amazon and Ebay.

Amazon: Link


Élise de la Serre Pop! Figure 

Again, as with Arno, this figure is not too difficult to find but the price is a little higher than the average Pop vinyls on Amazon

at around £23. However, Ebay does show some pops priced at closer to £10 as well as some at £20-25.

Amazon: Link


Evie Frye Pop! Figure 

This pop figure is easy to find and reasonably priced at

around £10-15 on both Ebay and Amazon.


Jacob Frye Pop! Figure

As with Evie, this Pop! figure is easy to locate on both

Amazon and Ebay, as well as sites such as Pop in a Box

and in pop stores. This figure is usually sold for around


Amazon: Link


Jacob Frye - Uncloaked 

This Pop! figure is harder to locate than the standard

Jacob Frye Pop and as with the variations of Ezio, this

pop fetches a higher price than the original model but

the price is still only slightly higher than standard at

around £20.

Amazon: Link

Which Pop! Figure would you like to see next?


Bayek concept art by Deviant Art user Undi3sss


Eivor Standard Edition

​This Funko Pop was revealed during the virtual FunkoFair 2021 that aired during the annual ToyFair event.


It features one axe and a hidden blade, so you can summon your inner Viking, or work alongside the Hidden Ones for a stealthier approach.

Amazon: Link


Eivor (Gamestop Edition)


The double axe variant of Eivor is exclusive to Gamestop, and was also revealed at FunkoFair2021.


This version of Eivor demonstrates the duel wielding ability, that was a key focus of the game's marketing campaign. Two axes are better than one!

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