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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has now welcomed its first major DLC, and along with 7 new Armour sets. The DLC is part of the season pass or can be purchased separately. The Wrath of the Druids is a dark and enchanting adventure across Ireland, where Eivor will meet a variety of different people. Most important of them all is Azar, a trader from Persia. It is important to note that you must have completed the first story arc in England to have access to Ireland. The suggested power level is 55 but it will scale to match where you are in the main game. 


Unlike the main game most of the Armour in The Wrath of the Druids is attainable through the in game merchant. Your first destination is Dublin and this vibrant city acts as your settlement. Here you will find most of the main services you require.

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Azar – The Trader

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Building Dublin’s Renown

This is where Azar features the most. For each trade contract you complete, Dublin’s renown will increase. You have 5 levels to work towards, with each level opening up new trade contract for Azar. This is also where you will unlock 4 of the 7 armour sets in the DLC. To achieve all of this you need to locate trade posts throughout Ireland.

Trade Posts and Locations

There are four buildings to upgrade that will help you boost your resources. 

Workman’s Cottage (200 Supplies) – This is the most important as it increases the production of resources. 

Storehouse (110 Supplies) – This should be your second choice as it increases the amount of stock you can hold in your chest. 

Supply Depot (70 Supplies) – A ‘nice to have’ as it will allow you to refill with arrows and health. 

Raider Tent (140 Supplies) – Not available at all trade posts. The only benefit is you will get bonuses for Royal Demands.


Hopefully these tips will help you get started on your Viking adventure. Valhalla is a wonderful game full of intrigue and mystery with a story that sucks you in slowly. Be patient and take your time, you will not regret it.

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Tattoo Shop – This is just a house you can stay in. There is a bed to rest in and a bowl that you can use to amend your hair, beard and tattoos. There are a few new cosmetic items available at the start so be sure to check them out. 

Blacksmith – Gunnar is replaced in Ireland by Aoife, she will do everything that Gunnar can do in Ravensthorpe. All gear found in Ireland will be a superior level so you will need Aoife to upgrade it for you. It appears the amount of crafting materials found in Ireland links to your power level. I arrived as a power 280 and therefore found quite a lot of gold tungsten. This can be tricky if you don’t have many nickel ingots as you will need them for the gear. 

Shipyard – Here you can amend the look of your longship. Again there isn’t a person to speak to just a sign. You will gain navel items throughout the DLC so it is worth checking in here. 

Merchant – There are new items for sale here along with all the other runes, cosmetics and resources you find back at Ravensthorpe. Don’t worry if you don’t purchase them all, they are available outside of Ireland.

Reda – As always, Reda has setup in Dublin to provide you with contracts and access to the daily and weekly items.

Stable & Aviary – Be sure to check this out as there are two new horse mounts and one surprise mount you obtain early on. Plus there is a new skin for Synin. 


Iberian Armour

This is the first armour available from Azar. It works the same way as the hunting/fishing challenges in Ravensthorpe. The perks for this set are increased attack after dodge and additional increase to melee damage and evasion. You will need to provide the following to get the full set.

Clothes for Cordoba VI: 30 Clothing – Iberian Helmet

A Final Feast: 15 Clothing, 15 Texts, 20 Delicacies – Iberian Cloak

Clothes for Cordoba: 20 Clothing – Iberian Armor 

Textiles and Testaments: 10 Clothing, 20 Texts – Iberian Bracers

Textiles and Testaments III: 10 Clothing, 30 Texts – Iberian Breeches

Emir’s Indulgence: 20 Clothing, 20 Texts, 30 Luxuries – Iberian Seax


Following the opening of the DLC you will be asked by Azar to claim Rathdown Trade Post just outside of the city. When you arrive there will be a few soldiers to clear and then you must obtain the deed to the land. Rathdown acts as a tutorial to the new system, and the game will direct you here early on. Once you have the deed you can put the trade post to work, each trade post specialises in a certain commodity. You will need trade post supplies to advance the building, much like the system for Ravensthorpe.


To do this you can complete raids or trade contracts for Azar. Fully upgrading a trade post increases the rate in which you receive goods at your storage chest. Royal Demands which are a nod to the old games, allow you to complete contracts for specific resources. You will have additional tasks to complete which will grant you bonuses if successful. 


Egyptian Armour

Inspired by Assassin’s Creed Origins this is a take on the Egyptian Hedj armour that can be found in Bayek’s adventure. A very cool look that is available to obtain once you reach level 2. The perks for this set are increased attack during the day and additional increase to melee damage and fire build up resistance. You will need the following: 

Cover to Cover IV: 80 Clothing, 25 Texts – Egyptian Helmet

Fine Works: 30 Texts, 30 Luxuries – Egyptian Cloak

The Studious Sovereign: 25 Texts – Egyptian Armour

Cover to Cover II: 60 Clothing, 30 Texts: Egyptian Bracers

A Formal Feast: 40 Clothing, 30 Texts, 10 Delicacies – Egyptian Breeches

Precious Things: 40 Texts, 30 Delicacies, 20 Luxuries – Egyptian Khopesh


Rathdown (Dublin) – Clothing

Lisdurrow (Meath) – Texts

Drumlish (Meath) – Clothing 

Athlone (Connacht) – Delicacies 

Port Auley (Connacht) – Luxuries

Dysert (Ulster) – Texts

Ardmel (Ulster) – Luxuries