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Wrath of the Druids Starter Guide Part 2



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The Rus armour set is based on a Viking. You can start trading resources for this set once you hit Dublin renown level 3. The perks for this set are increased attack when surrounded by 3 or more enemies and additional increase to melee resistance and armour. You will need the following: 

All the trimmings II: 60 Clothing, 60 Texts, 20 Delicacies – Rus Helmet

Refined Taste II: 30 Delicacies, 40 Luxuries – Rus Cloak

The Viking Prince: 30 Delicacies – Rus Armour

Refreshing Words: 80 Texts, 30 Delicacies – Rus Bracers

Layers of Flavour: 100 Clothing, 40 Delicacies – Rus Breeches

Refreshing Words II: 80 Clothing, 45 Delicacies, 30 Luxuries – Rus Shield

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Rus Armour

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Dublin Champion Armour

Obtaining this armour is split between levelling up Dublin and completing special quests. The perks for this set are increase to ranged and stealth damage, plus additional increase to ranged and stealth damage. Below is how to achieve each piece.  

Dublin Champion Helmet – You will unlock this once you reach Dublin renown level 5

Dublin Champion Cloak – This will land in your inventory for reaching Dublin renown Level 4

Dublin Champion Armour – This is obtained by defeating a member of Thorgest’s Crew. These play out the same as Drengr in the main game. The member can be found at the Giants Causeway in Ulster.

Dublin Champion Bracers: You will automatically get these when you reach Dublin renown level 2

Dublin Champion Breeches: These can be found on an island called Downpatrick Head, located in the North of Connacht. When you arrive you will need to defeat the lost Drengr, to unlock the breeches. 


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Byzantine Greek Armour

This is the final armour set and it’s inspired by Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. You can unlocked this set when you reach Dublin renown level 4. The perks for this set are increased armour after critical hit and additional increase to melee damage and health. You will need: 

Feast for the Senses: 150 Clothing, 120 Texts, 20 Luxuries – Byzantine Greek Helmet

Feast for the Senses III: 100 Delicacies, 30 Luxuries – Byzantine Greek Cloak

Ivory of the Emperor: 30 Luxuries – Byzantine Greek Armour

In Fine Fashion: 140 Clothing, 20 Luxuries – Byzantine Greek Bracers

Feast for the Senses II: 90 Texts, 50 Delicacies, 25 Luxuries – Byzantine Greek Breeches

Trappings of Wealth: 200 Clothing, 150 Texts, 35 Luxuries – Byzantine Spear


Celtic Armour

This armour can be found spread out around Ireland. The armour is a mix of Viking and Irish styles. The main perk is increased attack when taking damage. You also get additional increase to melee damage and melee resistance. 

Celtic Helmet – You will need to travel to Aileach settlement in Ulster to find this piece. This is a restricted area so be careful. You will need to look for a red tent with a metal grid floor. Use Odin sight to look through and see the locked door. Shoot it with you bow, and then proceed to the lower level. Now check through the dungeons until you find the room with the chest in. 

Celtic Cloak – The cloak is also in Ulster, it can be found at an enemy camp just off Inch Lough Neagh. Once again this is a restricted area and it is difficult to get in without being seen. Once you are behind the wooden fortress look for a tent, the chest can be found just inside.


Celtic Armour – To find the main body of this set you will need to find Rathcroghan Camp. This is situated in the centre of the Connacht region. This time you will not be able to just walk up to the chest. There is a Chieftain here who holds the key, eliminating him will get you the key. Now head to the top of the camp. There will be a large building with a locked door, use the key to gain access. 


Celtic Bracers – You must travel to the swamps of Meath to find these. A favourite place for Royal Demands so it’s possible to complete two tasks here. You are looking for Inchroe Fortress, it is heavily guarded so expect a fight. This fortress also features in the main questline so if you don’t want to fight these enemies multiple times wait until then. You will enter a room with lots of wooden crates, break them and slide through to obtain the piece.


Celtic Breeches – These can also be obtained as part of a questline. They are hidden in Cashelore stronghold in Connacht. It is best to wait until you reach here in the story as clearing the fortress will be easier. In the smaller section of the stronghold look for two moveable objects. Break the creates in front of these and move the stones to create an opening. Now follow the corridor until you find the chest.


Druidic Armour

The final armour to collect is the Druidic set. It’s a set that fits the story and the setting. The perks for this armour are some health is restored after 3 hits on the same enemy and additional increase to melee damage and poison build up resistance. 

Druidic Helmet – The helmet can be found at Movilla Abby in Ulster. You can raid here with your crew. The helmet is located in the main building. After clearing the area look for an iron gate, you will need to use your bow to break the lock on the other side. Now just go through the main entrance and turn left through another door, the chest will be in that room.


Druidic Cloak – This is found on a small island in Ulster called Doon Fort. It can be tricky to get as the area is covered in green fog and there are druids patrolling. Look for a small cave in the middle, the chest is just inside.


Druidic Armour – You will need to head to Boyne Tomb in Meath to get this piece. Don’t worry. There will be many reasons to visit this location throughout your time in Ireland. The entrance will be blocked so you will need an explosive to get through. Once in follow the corridor and jump down to the lower level. There will be a table with a cage next to it. Take the key and go through the opening in the wall. Eventually you will find a room with some druids, take them out and look for a wooden door next to a symbol on the wall. Keep pushing on until you see a way to slide through into a new area. You will see the chest covered in cobwebs in front of you.


Druidic Bracers – Once again these can be found at a raiding post. The location is Donegal in Ulster. The bracers are in the tallest building, but to enter you need to find a small window. Once inside the chest is in the corner of the room.

druid brace.jpg

Druid Breeches – The final piece can be found at Kesh Coran in Connacht. You will need to head to the East of the camp to final the entrance. Once inside head to the lower levels, beware there are druids here. Now you are at the bottom look for a breakable crate, shoot it and pass through the gap. Follow the passageway until you enter a room with a strong Druid. Defeat the Druid and the chest will be just behind him.

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Aaron Young

Hopefully these tips will help you get started on your Viking adventure. Valhalla is a wonderful game full of intrigue and mystery with a story that sucks you in slowly. Be patient and take your time, you will not regret it.


Not all armour sets in The Wrath of the Druids have visual changes as you increase their rarity. Overall the stats of these outfits are not the best, however with transmog in the game now you can easily use another sets stats with the Irish look.  

There are plenty of weapons on offer throughout Ireland and through Azar’s trade post so be on the lookout for them. The same goes for tattoo’s and mounts, there really is a nice new amount of content here.

My last point is remember to return to Ireland once you are back in England. Azar has multiple quest that are never ending and your supplies will continue to fill up as they did when you were there. This creates a nice little income for Eivor should you find yourself short of coin.