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The second last picture on this week’s list is from AC Origins, and is taken by Instagram user @virtualprateek.


In it we find Bayek on some high ground, looking out over the endless deserts and mountains of Egypt. Above it is a rare sight; a full moon during daytime.


The photographer has also paid attention to colour grading! While warm colours are present, the saturation has been tuned down, giving the picture a dry, grainy desert vibe effect.



This Week in Assassin's Creed Virtual Photography: October 5th - 11th


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Venice’s View


The first capture from this week’s selection is taken by Instagram user @Boltyspm, and is from Assassin’s Creed II.


The picture features the legendary Ezio Auditore, looking out over the beautiful city of Venice during daytime. With a well positioned angle, a big variation of bright colours, and Ezio doing what he does best; looking cool, this shot is too good to not make the list.


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Gustav is an active community member, and the host of The Memory Corridor Podcast.

Last year, he joined The AC Partnership Program, a community initiative coordinated by TOWCB that seeks to provide content creators with opportunities that benefits the overall community.

Gustav is also an expert when it comes to Assassin's Creed Virtual Photography. You can find more of his work here in the Community HUB.

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These Sunsets!


This week's second picture is taken by Instagram user @ac_odyssey.caps. Taken with the photo mode in AC Odyssey, the shot features Kassandra watching the sun illuminate the ocean, as it slowly disappears from the horizon.


Vibrant and ambient, this shot had to take up some space on this week’s list.

Kassandra in Combat


This week’s third picture is another one from AC Odyssey. Taken by Sebastian Dell’Aria, also known as @Memento_Gallery in the AC community, it features Kassandra dealing the killing strike to an opposing enemy.



Well timed, and full of intense lighting and vibrant colours, this shot perfectly captures the Spartan hero in action. 

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Screenshot 2020-10-11 at 19.22.05.png

View of Paris


This week’s fifth and final picture is a screenshot from AC Unity, taken by Instagram user @Johnjr117.


With a well positioned angle, full of beautiful lighting and a cinematic vibe to it, this shot brilliantly captures Arno leaning from a spire, looking out over Paris and the surrounding country side in the distance as the sun rises. 

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