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Assassin's Creed Valhalla Fan Gallery - 

July/August 2020: Part 2


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1/9/20                  By Colum Blackett                    Edited by Ashlea Buckley


Top Stories

Valhalla illustration by Laura Rubin

Eivor cosplay by PhoenixNickolasCosplay

Eivor cosplay project by Victoria Hofferson

Valhalla landscape art by Art of Papayou

Eivor by Axl99

Valhalla shield art by PhaseRunner

Valhalla inspired journal by Arthur

Eivor art by Eilreil_art

Eivor and the wolf by Ghilenart

Valhalla Lego project by Sean Sykes

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Cake.

Photos by Jarrett from The AC Partnership Program

Eivor's Hidden Blade by BladeInTheCrowd

Eivor digital art by Raincreature

Eivor cosplay project by Taryn Cosplay

Assassin's Creed Valhalla fan art by KimCando95

New Eivor shots by Amazonian Cosplay

Norse Insignia Tattoo     Source: AgentChuck47

Valhalla Props by Maul Cosplay

Eivor drawing by Kate Mazzone

Assassin's Creed Digital Art by Abid Nabawi

Handcrafted Clay Eivor by gTV

Eivor art by Fredartwork1

Eivor & Drakkar art by Ahmet Kaan Oner

Eivor digital art by Nermallion

Eivor with hidden blade by Teradiam

Eivor art by Crims Sama

Various Eivor digital pieces by ElenaStripe

Eivor cosplay project by Rick Boer

Valhalla props by Jun

Valhalla insignia tattoo. Source: Eriklg_94

Valhalla digital art by Holepsi

Eivor cosplay project preview by Shiva Cosplay

Eivor art by Nanda_Doodles

Eivor neon artwork by TheNonchalance