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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla does not have the biggest selection of armour, but the sets that can be found around the map are well worth seeking out. In this guide I will be focusing on the Brigandine gear set. All items can be found in the game without the need for DLC or micro-transactions.


All gear sets in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will not only provide the player with an aesthetic look, but also stats and bonuses that increase Eivor’s strength. Further to this your gear will also be aligned to one of the three branches of the skill tree. 

The Brigandine set follows the bear skill line and therefore will benefit from any skill points you have placed here. It is also good to consider the set bonus perks that are different for each armour set. The Brigandine gear provides both a pleasing look and strong stats in relation to others in the game. 

The two bonuses for equipping the Brigandine set are below. It is good to remember that the more pieces of this set you wear the bigger the bonus. It is not essential though and you can mix gear for interesting perks.

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The Brigandine Set

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The main body piece of the set can be found in Canterbury Cathedral. This is a tricky place to visit, as Eivor is not welcome here. You can either go on your own, or the main story will take you here on a mission once you begin the Cent arc. 

If you scout around the Cathedral, you can find an open window to climb through. Once inside, look for a locked door. You will be required to find a way of breaking the lock with your bow. To do this, just go to the other side of the balcony and shoot it. Be aware that if you are doing this as part of the main mission, guards will be present in the Cathedral.


The Brigandine Trousers

To find the trousers, you will need to head to Dover Fortress in Cent, however, do not be deceived by the location. You do not have to enter the fortress to obtain the item. Simply head to a cave just below. There will be a few Saxon guards here that are tricky to avoid if you are at a low level. Look to dispatch all of the enemies on the beach before entering the cave.


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How to Get the Brigandine Gear Set

Unfortunately you cannot obtain all of the set pieces in the same region. There are five gear items to collect, with two in Sciropescire and the other three in Cent. Due to the power levels of these two regions it may be tricky to go after these when you first arrive in England. However, Valhalla will not stop you if you want to try, and the use of stealth will be paramount. Both Sciropescire and Cent are power level 130, and if you follow the natural course of the game you will have no trouble attaining this set. 

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has four tiers for gear pieces: 

  • Grey (Fine)

  • Red (Superior)

  • Blue (Flawless) 

  • Gold (Mythical)

When you find each piece of the Brigandine set it will already be Superior. It is wise to use what resources you have to bring the gear to its highest level, and save your nickel ingots to upgrade the armour to Flawless when you return to Gunnar at the Settlement. Whilst we wait for Ubisoft to implement the transmogrification feature, you might want to hold off upgrading the gear to Mythical. Many players have criticised the mythical looks for being too extravagant. Once again though, it is your choice, but delaying an upgrade can cost you stats.


The Brigandine Armour

Once the door is unlocked, go through it and down some stairs to a small room. Here you will find a hanging platform above some damaged flooring. Shoot it and you will be able to claim your first item. Look out for a piece of opal next to the chest, as it is a rare currency in the game. You can spend it at Reda’s camp in your settlement.


Once in the cave, there will be a handful of Saxons to take out, however most of them are stood next to explosive vases. If you use your bow to hit the vases, you will clear out the cave in no time. Once the area is secure, pick up one of the flammable vases and throw it at the breakable floor to the right of the cave. If you are struggling to find a flammable vase, just head back towards the beach as there are a few to use here. Once you are through the hole, break the wooden door in front of you and the chest containing the trousers should be visible.

The final piece to find in Cent are the gauntlets. Similar to the body armour, you can wait and grab these during a story mission, however you may find it easier to go alone. You will want to find Beamasfield on your map. Be careful as there are many Saxons in this location, with riders passing through regularly. Use your cloak and the social stealth options such as blending to sneak through undetected. 


The gauntlets are trickier to obtain compared to the previous two items. You will need to locate two keys within the town. Use Odin sight to find the location of the keys. One can be found in a house, that will require you to jump through a small window. The second key is not far away, and you will need to head towards the Saxon camp, where you will find the key on a table.


Once you have both keys head to the main house in the town, which should be marked with the yellow armour icon above it. You will find the chest containing the gauntlets on the upper level of the house. 


Brigandine Helm

The helm is found in a cave, which you should see on your left as you enter Sciropescire via your Longboat. It is slightly inland so if the icon is not on your map, just look to the right of the sync point. The Cave is adjacent to Wenlocan Outpost. You may be able to sneak past the guards to do this but be careful. It might be easier to dispatch the Saxons hanging around the cave entrance.


When you enter the cave you will need to move a large stone blocking a gap in the wall. Once through the chest will be right in front of you.


Brigandine Cape

To find the Cape you will need to travel to the town of Quatford. If you are doing this as part of the Sciropescire arc then this will be your first destination.


You will need to find a cave just north of the town, it is easy to find due to a boat full of explosive vases next to it. Simply shoot the vases to blow open the entrance. Once you go inside, follow the path until you reach the end. You will see a large stone that you can push aside to gain access to the chest. You will find it up the stairs as you enter.


Now that you have all the pieces you can return to Gunnar to upgrade them. Depending on the level of your settlement you may also have access to the Cartographer. Olsen will provide you with the location of gear items for some coin. Alternatively, look out for travellers with a question mark, where you can also use coin to purchase the locations on the map.


We hope that you found this Assassin's Creed Valhalla Guide useful!


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The Brigandine Gauntlets