Blutkatz (Sunny)

                                                                               Potential Settings

I was thinking about possible Settings for Assassin’s Creed before, and after I read the Tweet by Col_86 I sat down and made some notes. But First I must say that Ubisoft already developed two of my dream settings (Industrial Revolution and Ancient Egypt) and therefore I’m open for every potential Setting they will choose in the future. But the following are actually those I might find most interesting:

                                                                  Vikings (800 until roughly 1080)

- They lived in Villages on their own and sailed through the seas
- No fighting against each other, otherwise it would be considered a crime
- New region unlocked: Scandinavian Countryside
- Possibilities of Sea Battles… again
- The Era ended with the upcoming Christianity, which is perfect for the Order
- The Mythology is perfect for upcoming Isu Events

- A storyline could be difficult, since no “known” historical VIP is living in that Era (at least for me)
- The Christianity brought an End to the Vikings, so it most likely could be that we won’t get a happy end
- Sea Battles were fun in Black Flag, Rogue and Origins – but it can get repetitive

                                           July crisis and the beginning of WWI (around 1890 – 1914/1918)


- Interesting and highly confusing part of history: Why was it caused? Who treated with whom?
- Was the Assassination in Sarajevo an act of Templars or Rogue Assassins? Or was it a stand-alone group and the Templars used that to blame the Assassins and guide them to complete mistrust among the people?
- Story could take place in whole Europe, especially in cities untouched (Vienna and Berlin for example)
- Many known people could be introduced and take part in our journey
- Possibilities to have settings during the war or not
- There could be a link to Lydia Frye

- Highly confusing part of history because of all the treaty’s. Adding some Templars and Conspiracy’s could cause more confusion – as concentrating on one ally in that time could do, too
- Story could take place in whole Europe – which means a wide (open) world, a huge diversity and different languages. Could be too big and would need a lot of fast travel options
- Having to focus on one “political Partner” could be confusing for understanding the
- Recent use of the Context in another Game from another publisher (Battlefield 1)
- Adding Isu Context could be difficult
                                                                         Cold War (1947 – 1989)


- Time’s not that long ago, so many resources and time witnesses are there
- Possible place could be the Iron Curtain (e.g. DDR) – with a Templar Reign and a high oppression of the Assassins and citizens
- Many possibilities to form a story


- Maybe too young – could blame the Soviet Union/Russia/Communism to be like a Templar Reign
- Old fight West vs East
- Because of New History maybe difficult to add fictional characters, or give actual persons traits they didn’t/don’t have
- Adding Isu Context could be again difficult – or you may need the usage of the old one (Observatory, giving the Cuba Crisis another Context of gaining and using it the observe the people etc.)
- Quite close to Persons we have in the modern Day (William Miles)

                                        European Exploration and Colonization of Australia ( starting 1770)


- New Continent unlocked:  Australia
- Many ways to die, diverse Countryside and new Flora and Fauna
- Possibilities to form a story between new Settlers and Aborigines, or between the settlers themselves
- Isu Context could be added easily


-  We have had quite a few games around that time. But that’s not actual a Con, since it’s the other side of the World and could be treated differently
- Having a whole Continent as a World can be quite big, but since the Outback is a vast region it could be down-sized to an acceptable size


                                                                        Gold Rush (1846 – 1855)


- Wild West Assassin Story
- Political Decisions and the Missionaries throughout California could be easily handled as a Templar Story
- Clash of Cultures: Spanish/Mexican/Americans/Indians, handling the Californian Genocide
- Possibilities to help the common people
-  diverse Countryside


- Close to another upcoming Game by another Studio (Red Dead Redemption)
- We had an Native American Storyline with Connor in ACIII


- Modern Day  // Future Day  // Time of the First Civilization


- A better understanding of the overall Isu Situation: How they build and reign cities, how they treated and created Humans, how the Pieces of Eden were created and used etc.
- Possible Protagonists already introduced (Layla & William Miles (if the Helicopter will arrive), “Adam and Eve” in the Isu Time)
- Modern Day Assassins
- Juno’s Part in the Context: Will there be a forced ‘Unity’ with Templars and Assassins to fight her? Or will she reign over us all?


- Breaking with the Tradition of having a Historical context
- Maybe lacking typical Assassins Methods – especially during the Isu Time no actual ‘Creed’, just some kind of Rebellion


Those are some settings I really would like to see. Maybe not the typical ones you may expect, but since History is a big playground for Assassin’s Creed there are many options you may not consider.

But actually – besides the historical context – I would like to see a specific mechanism in these games, which I wondered before and would love to explore:
                                                                                   The Farm.

In Revelations we found about the Farm, where Desmond Miles grew up and was trained among other Assassins. From previous Games we know that there was normally a Bureau where Assassins met, got their orders from, could rest - but not actually live, especially not so many of them.

So – how did the Farm evolved? Was it common or not? Or did Assassins really used to live together like this?

Since I liked the Renovation and Building Concept of Assassin’s Creed II, Brotherhood, Revelations, Rogue and the Village in Assassin’s Creed III very much and missed it in the other games, I would love to see how we focus about a Commune of Assassins, living together hidden in a village.

From outside it looked like a normal village, with farmers, merchants, black smith, a healer, training grounds for hunters, a school, carpenters, a chief and so on.  However, it’s a commune of Assassins, training their children and Newcomers to be Assassins, too, and having a network of bureaus and other Communes communication and of course – hunting Templars.

That would be the surrounding of the Village. But how could an actual Story look like?

First, we won’t need to build the brotherhood – it’s already there. We are born within it, being trained and becoming a Novice at the beginning. Within the village we need to do minor Tasks (some Side Quests) and will get our very first armor and weapons there.

Crafting will be available when we learned it, the same with the basic fighting techniques. It will be possible to learn the basics at the Village; after that you will be able to craft and learn things on your own.
For the last and “legendary” craft, you need to obtain a special recipe, which will be a side quest as well (hunting a special animal or stealing a rare material). Buying at the local Black Smith will give you a little discount and you will have special designed weapons you can purchase there only, but they won’t be the best weapons in the game.
Overall you can say: The RPG Elements we already have in the game, but a little bit more focused on a fort/village.

The Protagonist could be the daughter of the chief, who is introduced to be a Novice soon. Her older brother already in training to become the next chief and her younger brother uneager to finally begin the training.

She is uncertain if she really wants to become an Assassin, being a Teenage girl with normal teenage problems (rejected and/or found someone she cannot love, wanting to do things on her own and of course she is able to do everything better than anyone else. You know the deal).

Along her journey to become an Assassin she witnesses betrayal among her own family (her cousin is a spy for the Templars), loss of dear ones (e.g. older brother is killed during a mission and she blames herself for that, leaving her in the place of becoming the next Chief) and be on her own (her Village is attacked by Templars and everyone needs to flee – which will cause the end of bigger Assassin villages and Forts and mark the beginning of living in smaller communes, hidden from Templars sights)

So yeah, that would be roughly an Assassins Creed Game I would like to see. Since it could apply to many historical contexts and sceneries, I hope it will be added in some way or another to the upcoming games. But even if not, I’m quite sure I will enjoy the next games, since they never let me down in this department the last 8 years. Assassin’s Creed Games are always fun!




Potential Settings for Future Assassin's Creed Projects

            9/3/18                                       By Colum Blackett                      Edited by Ashlea Buckley


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In our latest article, the Admin Team invited members of the Assassin's Creed Community to share potential settings for future Assassin's Creed projects such as: Games, Movies, TV shows, Comic Books etc.

​These settings and time periods are ones that we think would work very well as a backdrop for the Assassin/Templar conflict.


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Col_96 (TOWCB Community Admin) 

                                                                               Feudal Japan

Alex Hutchinson (2012) (AC3 Creative Director) argued in an interview with Official Xbox Magazine that Japan would be one of the 'worst' settings for an Assassin's Creed game.

"The three most wanted are WWII, feudal Japan and Egypt. They're kind of the three worst settings for an AC game."

He argued that Feudal Japan "would work" for Assassin's Creed but would feel too familiar. He points out that players have already become ninjas or samurai in plenty of other games. 

He also added that ""People on the internet suggest the most boring settings,". 


Back in 2014, Concept Artist Vin Hill released a collection of fan art titled "Assassin's Creed: Rising Sun".

His vision of an Assassin's Creed Game set in Japan took the internet by storm, when media outlets such as Kotaku shared the story, allowing for his work to gain momentum. 

Contrary to the opinions held by Alex Hutchinson in 2012, fans were quick to support the project, and called on Ubisoft to release a game set in Japan. Although this has not yet happened, we have seen a number of hints towards the Japanese Brotherhood over the years.


1) Assassin's Creed Initiates: Introduction of the Japanese Brotherhood of Assassins (Modern Times)
 - AC Initiates introduced us to a Japanese Assassin Cell based in Osaka. One member, Kiyoshi Takakura is a regular in the Assassin's Creed Uprising Comic Book Series.

2) Sensō-ji temple spotted in Assassin's Creed: Black Flag Art Book. Possible Easter Egg?

​3) Samurai Assassin Outfit Easter Egg spotted in Rainbow Six Siege

4) Hidden Coordinates: 35.7148, 139.7967 – Sensō-ji Temple, Tokyo, Japan: found on AC Movie DVD

Community Member Sorrosyss put together an excellent article on the evidence for a game set in Japan


I personally think that Japan would be perfect for an Assassin's Creed Project, with a wealth of untapped history. Samurai Assassins would be unstoppable! 


McHeisenburglar (TOWCB Graphic Designer)

Georgia (Country)

A lot of people are asking for AC to be set in Rome, China or Feudal Japan. While I'd be happy with any of these options, the setting I've wanted to see for years has been my home country of Georgia.

Although not a lot of people are familiar with Georgia, its history is a lot richer than you'd imagine. It has existed as a nation for millennia, and there are several time periods that would make for interesting AC settings:
The formation of Georgia under its first king during the 4th century BC, the Golden Age of Georgia under King (Queen) Tamar in the 12th century (featured in the latest Civ 6 expansion), and more. However, the events that stands out to me (as the basis of an Assassin vs Templars story) are the political and intellectual clash of the 19th century. A social and political movement known as "tergdaleulebi" was formed in the mid 19th century, that used literature and education as a way to oppose Russian politics, to socially liberate the Georgian people and establish new national ideals. At the heart of this movement was a group of Georgian writers, poets and public figures, led by Ilia Chavchavatdze – Georgia's "most universally revered hero", and the perfect candidate for the Mentor of this small Assassin brotherhood.

Georgia itself is sprawling gorgeous, mountainous landscapes and a dozen regions that all stand out from each other, which would make for a perfect Origins-like game world and exploration elements. Georgia also stands out culturally from other countries, whether it be in our music, clothing, cuisine or architecture, so the final product would be a game that doesn't stylistically conform to any of the settings we've seen so far.

References to Georgia can be seen in AC lore: the Golden Fleece was a Shroud of Eden found on proto-Georgian territory, there are two modern day Georgian assassins, Akaki and Nodar Ninidze, and the possibility of using Georgia as an Assassin hideout was mentioned in Syndicate: Jack the Ripper emails.

I don't have any realistic hope for a Georgia-based Assassin's Creed anytime soon, but it still remains at the top of my list for settings I'm dying to see.

Ethan (Fizhy)                                                         

                                                                    Viking Age/Norse Scandanavia

The word 'vikings' is used to generalise Scandanavia between the late 8th and late 11th centuries CE, despite the vikings only being the Norse seafarers who raided & traded across northern, eastern, western and central europe.

The word viking itself (in the Old Norse language) means 'pirate raid'. Obviously the setting that would work best for Assassin's Creed here would likely be Scandanavia itself; the vikings only make up a portion of what that setting could encompass. The present cultures in this setting passed their history verbally, as oppose to writing anything down, meaning that what's known about Scandanavia between the 8th and 11th centuries is likely to be limited (at least where it counts) - this means that there is plenty of creative freedom to be had for an Assassin's Creed instalment.

On top of this, there's plenty of room for action, stealth and total chaos considering that the culture itself had a very violent view of masculinity. A huge part of a Scandanavian or 'viking' setting would be Norse mythology and culture, something we have seen explored in many successful games in the past. The Witcher 3 had an entire region (Skellige) which was heavily inspired by this culture, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim also had a huge viking/Scandanavian influence, and most recently, Horizon Zero Dawn had a Norse inspired flair to it too. The thing these games share in common is that they are successful, so why not go to the heart of where these games were influenced by?

​Moreover, it'd make for a different feeling setting to anything we've seen thus far: from the beauty of the Italian Renaissance to the scorching sands and mythology of ancient Egypt, nothing so far is anything like the norse culture and (in some places) subarctic tundra that we would see in a viking/Scandanavian game. This is a setting that would truly be unique within the franchise, all the while suiting the RPG format that we saw with Origins and hopefully will see going forward.


Ashlea                                                               Modern Day/Medieval 

I would love to see an Assassins creed game with more of a modern day focus for example more explorable modern day settings and a greater emphasis on how, what we learn from trips into the animus is going to influence what is happening in the current timeline.

It would be interesting to see a game such as this venture into Medieval Britain for example, in past games we have only briefly glimpsed into this era through the work of Thomas De Carneillon, however we know very little about his origins or what happens to him after his attack on the  Parisian Temple, to recover the Sword of Eden in Assassins Creed Unity  before his death in Venice, besides his working with the French assassins.

Therefore, it would be interesting if a future Assassins Creed Game looked further into this character’s development and how he/she came to be part of the brotherhood in the first place.
It would be interesting to see the use of new weaponry, different to in other games, for example a potential medieval spin on the conventional design of the hidden blade or a game which focuses on a character who was born into the brotherhood, a concept which hasn’t been explored in great detail in recent games.

This could be interesting to see a different mindset that this type of assassin may have, motivated by the Creed rather than vengeance or redemption, and whether this would prevent them from swaying from the mission at hand or make them more brutal or merciless in their attacks.



Russia isn't only about vodka, bears and balalaykas. Russia in the beginning of 20th century is about three revolutions (1905, February and October ones), it's about Nicholas II, Rasputin, Lenin, Russo-Japanese War, WWI, Civil War and about one of the biggest cities in Europe (Moscow and Saint-Petersburg). Also, there's a lot of opportunities for an Assassin's Creed game.

​Strange assassinations of Rasputin, Stolypin, Nicholas II. A lot of museums, cathedrals, castles and palaces and ships (like Aurora cruiser) could be great locations for new AC game. There's a lot of new possible mechanics for AC: spy system, weather difficulties (not like hallucinations from Origins but injuries and frostbites after you'll stay too long in a cold place) and evolution of a riot system from AC3.



                                                                   The Hidden Ones expanding

I think Bayek and Amunet story isn't finished yet. There are a lot of places, stories and characters that will complete the story. Maybe the new setting would be in Rome, new home of the Order of the Ancients in order to conclude the story. Just imagine a story in all the empire (Galia, Hispania, Rome itself...) with a lot of objectives, and historical places. I think about in a setting in Arabian Peninsula or Persia too. As we know, the Hashashin (levantine Assassins) were born in that place. Could be interesting see how Hassan Ibn' Sabbath contacted with the Hidden Ones and made the next step (The Assassin's Brotherhood as we know)


​                                                                    15th Century Mexico

15th-16th Century Mexico Mesoamerican civilizations have been featured in previous Assassins Creed media, perhaps most notable in Assassins Creed: Liberation, Black Flag, and Project Legacy. Though we’ve seen sneak peaks of this area of the world in previous games, a more open world concept like the one found in Origins could truly do this setting justice. Instead of linear jungle paths like those found in Black Flag, a newer game could allow us to seamlessly explore the secret depths of these labyrinthine overgrowths. And secrets definitely abound! As seen in the temples under Chichen Itza and Tulum, Mesoamerica is rife with First Civilization sites waiting to be discovered. Furthermore, the architecture that can be found in these games would be unique to the series.

​The city-state island of Tenochtitlán would be an incredible site to behold, and the ruins of Tikal would be a pleasure to explore. Like many Assassins Creed games, this setting takes place in a politically tumultuous time of history. Obviously there is the looming threat of European invaders (which has partly been covered in the Project Legacy Facebook game) but there is also unrest among the various Mesoamerican tribes. This turmoil lends itself to allowing for multiple factions in the game, while the conflict with the Conquistadors would fit in well with the series’ themes of freedom and control. Perhaps most importantly, this setting allows for the story of Assassins Creed to move forward. As the Prophecy Disk was found in an Isu site under a Mayan temple, we can assume that this area could be in some way linked to Eve. That being the case, perhaps more temples that we would explore there could hold the key to other mysteries surrounding this mysterious figure, and her connection to Juno. 15-16th Century Mesoamerica could expand on Origins’ interpretation of the series’ core pillars, and might have huge ramifications for the overall story.



                                                                 Ancient Greece
An interesting militaristic time period that can also tie in are the Roman republic and Persia. Notable events that can be chosen from include: Persian invasions by Darius and Xerex, Alexander the great and his conquests, the alliances and fallouts of Athens and Sparta and some of the other wars and power struggle including assassinations that occurred at the time. The rich militaristic history of the region and time period will provide and interesting backdrop for the secret war and manipulations of the Assassins and Templers.

​We can also get to see how the Assassins and Templers were organized before the rise of the Hidden Ones and Order of the Ancients. If Persia is introduced, we can get to see how the Hidden Blade was first developed and used. It will be a prequel to Origins and can tie seamlessly into its story. It will also be nice to see ancient Greek architecture, temples, have side quest relating to Greek mythology and relive an era that had a major impact on Europe.



                                                                            South America

​I've always wanted an AC based in South America, particularly in Brazil maybe around the 1650's when the Portuguese resisted the Dutch from taking over. I would love the naval elements! Another cool period in Brazil 
could be during the 1820's when Brazil become independant over Portuguese rule. Although maybe that'll be too similar to AC3.


Naval combat
New continent
The scenary


​Could be too similar to AC3
Key moments/dates span long periods of time
​The Portuguese will probably have British accents

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                                                            Potential Settings


Personally, and I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but I do want to see a game set in either Sengoku Japan, or in the Meiji Period. I love the history of the time period and the turbulence of the events during this time could make a great story.

Alex Hutchinson was right at the time that a game set in Japan would be boring and overdone, but that was following the formula of the early games. Origins has taken that formula, and thrown it out the window, instead creating an amazing open world, that really makes you stop and just look around at things and appreciate how the game feels almost alive. If we could do to Japan what the team did to Egypt, we would almost certainly see another amazing game out of it.

Following in the footsteps of Origins and the founding of the Brotherhood, I would like to see some of the stories of notable Assassins throughout history. Exploring China following Wei Yu and his assassination of the Emperor of China. Darius during the Greco-Persian War and his assassination of Xerxes I.

Macedonia, following Alexander the Great during his quest to conquer the known world and the ultimate poisoning by the Assassin Iltani. All of these are potential stories and settings that would be absolutely amazing to see and experience.

Another setting as mentioned here as well, Scandinavia during the Viking era. We got a little taste of it through the third Last Descendant book, but it just leaves you wanting so much more at the end. This could be hit or miss, following games like Horizon Zero Dawn and the new God of War, which both have very heavy Norse elements to it. For the same reason God of War didn't want to go the Egypt route, Ubisoft probably wouldn’t want to go the Viking route.

Finally, the Isu Era. I don’t think we could do an entire game of It, but even ju
st a few short memories, similar to the Helix Rift in Syndicate, would be a great addition to any
future game. There has been plenty of little sneak peaks into the lives of the Isu in various forms over the years, especially in the latest comics, but I would love to see more of it.



                                                                          Roman Empire

One era/setting I’ve always wanted to see, was the golden age of the Roman Empire.

In Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, players got to see the remnants of the long dead roman Empire, and I had always hoped to see the colosseum in its hay-day, full of unbelievable gladiators and incredible beasts. I wanted to see a restored and expanded version of such a historic place. This is a time period I always found to be so fascinating, beautiful, and romantic, thanks to likes of films like Gladiator, as well as the somewhat distant, but still similar films of Troy, and 300.

Thankfully Origins does a lot of this already! Where we see the invading forces of the Romans in Cyrene, in the battle for Egypt between Caesar and Ptolemy, the gladiator battles, and we plunged our blades into the  grand Tyrant himself Caesar, during the Ides of March. Though Rome is such a small part of AC Origins, I think it deserves its own game.

I hope that we return to Rome one day, and see all its architecture, romantic vistas and fighting tournaments, and the turmoil that built such a grand empire.



Greece & Persia - 336-323 BCE

These two places have been linked many times in history, but for me the next assassins creed setting I would love to see is the journey/conquests of Alexander the Great, There are many references to him in Origins. The staff of Eden was handed to Alexander by pro Templars. We could find out how they got there hands on the staff and the piece of Eden, Alexander used the staff to open a first civilisation vault in the Siwa Oasis, He also possesses the characteristics of a Sage, With his quick conquest of the Persian Empire without a loss it caught the attention of the Babylonian brotherhood that surely a mere man was not able to accomplish such feats without the help of a artefact, A member of the brotherhood and protagonist of the game would be “Iltani” a female assassin.

You could blame her for infiltrating his army causing unrest among Alexander’s soldiers to make them mutiny against there leader at the River Hyphasis putting an end to his expansion. This was the time for the assassins to act, could they also be blamed for Hephaestions sudden death at Ecbatana? With Alexander struck with grief and the long travel back to Babylon it was Iltani’s chance to put an end to the young general. She used a poison in which made Alexander’s death look like it was a fever, After this assassination she became a legend among the assassin brotherhood. This is also where we see one of Alexander’s generals “Ptolemy 1 Soter” bringing Alexander’s body back to Egypt concluding his final resting place we all get to see in Origins.

​Many thanks Damian ( Damo_kb8 )

Massive thank you to all the Community Members who took part in the project!

Stay vigilant with The Ones Who Came Before for the latest Assassin's Creed News and Updates.

    Potential Settings of Assassin’s Creed

By Assassin’s Creed Egypt 

In 2007 … Assassin’s Creed came to life with a whole new different world than we get used to play in the games of its generation. A completely different gameplay style , Narrative , Story line and the most important is ( Setting ) .

Assassin’s Creed 1 came up with an out standing setting which never have been told before or ever yet sets in a video game . Jerusalem , The Holy Land , Syria , Acre , and Finally Masyaf , it was Gorgeous to be able to travel between many cites , act in many different ways freely which was that time an Unique thing , Surly it was a revolutionary game .

Assassin’s Creed II or to be Corrected the Glorious Assassin’s Creed II
The Words fail to describe it , The Italian Renaissance was and Quite still the Most lovely Setting Between Assassin’s Creed Fans or even Non fans because of its great Atmosphere , its very little LITTLE details it took a deep dive into that Era and deliver to us the full Experience without a corruption or even ignore its Traditions , without get our eyes off the Legendary Score by “ Jesper Kyd “ which made us drown into that Era and made us ( and Still Makes us every time we hear it ) Feel a feeling we never feels it in any other Experiences .
And that made its Glory .

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Did the Great way of AC II without Expanding too much or add many things but it at least Delivered to us the Same Experience which AC II did and that’s was enough to make us adore it .

“Welcome to Constantine Ezio, Crossroads of the World” … Assassin’s Creed Revelations had made its impact with a very Great if not One of Best Settings of Assassin’s Creed as we explored again the Islamic – Arabic Culture which represent in Turkey, it also never had been made into a game before and this made it Unique but added to it a Piece of art of Scoring and A PERFECT story … made the Ezio Trilogy the Best all the time.  

Assassin’s Creed III honestly didn’t add much to the Franchise Except a respectful Setting of America, Story line and A Connor Kenway .

Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, and here finally appears the meaning of A Setting , Black Flag Delivered the World with all of its Resources , Environment , Traditions and Full Life of Pirating in its age.
Black Flag grabbed our Attention to the fully understanding of Setting which the Setting as a Unit by its Conditions & Environment , Accents & Behaviours and it managed in that , Plus to that a Great Personality in Edward Kenway where we saw a full protagonist grafting , who got adapted to the setting and interact with him in different ways made us feel his story and interact with him in many situation
So the Protagonist is Connected to his Sitting .

Assassin’s Creed Unity , Rouge , Syndicate have suffered the lack of coordinate between all of those Factors together which made it less Creative than the pervious parts of the Franchise and less impact on the players and the fans , plus it didn’t add any main new thing except UI and some customizations to the Character and being more interested in multiplayer experience , that doesn’t deny that they are awesome , they grabbed beautiful settings of Paris and London in French revaluation and Industrial revaluation and three great stories it took the gameplay to another level and craft that we have never seen before .

“ Where it All Ends … It Begins “
That’s was right Actually , where Unity , Rouge and Syndicate suffered a lot of issues and failed to Satisfy the Ambitious fans …
Assassin’s Creed Origins came to lead the Creative way again and erase all the issues and Completely begins a new Chapter in the Franchise it didn’t only combined all the advantages of all pervious Parts or Grabbing the best Setting in the Franchise ever but also invent a Magnificent new things in a lot of manners such as the Setting , Combat system , RPG elements , protagonist and the Story line & Narrative , AC Origins has quite the same way that black flag walk on it , it just gets all the things just Right , and we are the only ones who can tell you that’s “Surly they made it PERFECTLY “
We wouldn’t want to take a deep dive in this piece of art as we all know how they get it to this such great finish to put Assassin’s Creed Origins to the Top of The Franchise .
And we also take this chance to deeply Thank the team who Worked in this game with much passion , you brought our tears and made us proud Thank you really form deep of our hearts .

So , We have 10 Years of great Assassin’s Creed games hats off to all the Games and the teams worked on them

Let us talk about The Future , The Future that we able to influence it .
The 2 years gap that Ubisoft took to between Syndicate and Origins made Origins the best of all time , that’s because the team work on it take more feedback and concentrated on making something very special , and that’s all we want to do .

The Next Assassin’s Creed Game will be Awaited more than Origins because the it pumped the life back to Franchise and made us more excited
Let’s move to a real important point … Bayek Of Siwa , The Medjay , Protector of the truth , Pharaoh of Egypt , the Founder of the Brotherhood
This time our protagonist was greatly crafted and have been put into him an awesome personality which made us connected to him by one way or another and made us love him, so we think we couldn’t abandon him at this moment his story can’t just stop right now , WE WANT BAYEK IN THE NEXT GAME , that is the most Acceptable Scenario we dream to become true in the next game , Most of the Fans want this to be achieved
But Where we want Bayek to be? …. this is the real problem

Some people want him to travel to Greece where Roman Empire .
Some Others want him to travel to Roma to reborn Ezio experience .
Some Others want him to travel to Spain to deliver a new experience .

But , We want to it be in The Fertile Crescent ( Which is The Holly Land , Syria , Iraq and a part of Egypt ) .
In Origins it was whole Egypt so what matter if we expand our gameplay through 3 regions which are as same as Egypt’s Size .
We know that Syria and The Holly Land have previously sat up in AC 1
But the different here is that WE ARE IN 30 BC and WE HAVE Bayek of Siwa .

First The Holy Land
Who put the Artifact in Ark of the Covenant ?
There are a lot of things that haven’t yet been explained in previous games even in Origins , the Brotherhood and the Creed haven’t yet completely shaped up or identified , as our Bayek seems to have a lot to do .

Second Syria
We already know in AC 1 that there was already an Assassin order in Masyaf but we didn’t know how the order reached there
And the most interesting that Syria that time was under Roman Empire Which have a conflict between its Kings
We quite think that Syria is an important place for Bayek to go for

Third Iraq
Iraq that time was under the control of Parthian empire.
And had conflicts between Romans so it will be Great to see Bayek Expand the brotherhood over The Middle East .

Second Important Potential Setting .
The Centre of Roman Empire where the Fire of Politics reached the Court of Roman Throne which indeed calls Bayek’s attention .
There, Bayek will continue his Journey of Mysteries through the Beautiful Greece, We cannot imagine How the Egyptian Medjay , Siwa’s son will have in his pocket in Greece , how he deals with his Egyptian accent in Athens .

In that time we must fear on Ezio’s Place in our hearts .

The Modern Day Setting Could be anywhere near the Setting where the game takes place in it doesn’t matter where to be .

At The End We don’t much care about the Setting as much as we care about Greatness Stability as the level of Origins
We need Badly the Experience of Origins to be repeated and Especially with Bayek of Siwa .

At the very end we appreciate the efforts that the team of the game all over the world do , and we didn’t find the words to Thank you in the name of The Egyptians … You Bring Our tears in many of moments and returned to us the most important thing ….

The Creed