Assassin's Creed Origins: The Path to 

Alexandria Part 2



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Birthright (Suggested Level 9)

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Additional Locations

Lost Crypt

This can be completed along with the first ‘Taste of her Sting’ mission on the largest island in Lake Mareotis. Looks for some broken down pillars, you will see a large wooden gate on the floor. Use your torch to set the wood alight and gain access to a chest. Following this travel east towards the coast, there will be a few crocodiles, dispatch them before grabbing the last chest behind a canopy. 

Completion: 150XP


An easier task than most, this location just requires you to find the nearby Papyrus. It is located next to the Temple of Sekhmet. Go into the temple from the front and keep going until you find a small swimming pool. You just need to climb up the pillars to a table with the Papyrus on it.

Completion: 150XP


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Taste of Her Sting (Suggested Level 17)

You can start this quest by finding several corpses in the Temple of Sekhmet. There is a man who deals with the bodies, speak to him to find out further information. From here you will need to find a lady called Iras, her home is being searched by soldiers. It is possible to dispatch the men silently, once they are gone Iras will appear. Next you must go to Lakeside Villa Outpost not far from Alexandria. This location also has objectives to complete (see below). There are quite a few soldiers here so use the rooftops and the bow to thin the heard before entering. Once it is safe read the letter, you will now have the objective to kill Sophronios. He can be found in Alexandria, often walking around the market with his bodyguards as you enter the city. You can use Senu to tag him. Be careful when choosing your moment to strike as there are many soldiers patrolling the city. Try to isolate Sophonios, following him to the dock is probably your best bet. There is also the option to wait until nightfall when he returns to his estate. 

Completion: 600 XP

Don’t be deterred by the level, this is an ongoing quest. You will likely only find it to be challenging at the very end. It is best to not solely focus on this quest, instead let yourself just stumble into the events.

The first murder scene can be found on the island where you save Klaudios. Near the water’s edge there will be some stone steps covered in blood. You can locate the five investigation points by using Aminus Pulse, just look for the eye of Ra icon. On completion you will need to find a further three locations which I will cover later.


Crocodile Lair

As you enter the market of Lake Mareotis there will be a few small island just out to your right. One of these is a crocodile lair and a good chance to pick up some crafting materials. You only need to kill the alpha crocodile, use Senu to pick it out. It is best to fight crocodiles from height or on land. Use your bow for best results. I would suggest removing all crocodiles as this will get you a lot of crafting materials. 

Completion: 200XP

North/South Mareotis Trireme

You will need to kill the captain on both these ships. They are both moving vessels so you may need to wait for them to be close to land before boarding. Both ships are in the waters of Lake Mareotis, and you can always grab a small boat to reach them. There is usually a crew on board, but look out for caged lions and explosive pots, these can be used to do most of the work. 

Completion: 350XP (Each Ship)


Hypostyle Hall

Sunken Desmoterion Ship

After completing the lost crypt head out into the lake and use Senu to tag the sunken ship. I recommend using a boat to get out there as you will have predators in the water. Swim to the bottom of the lake and you should see the shipwreck. Use the Animus pulse to locate the two treasure chests. 

Completion: 300XP


Dead Men Tell No Tales

This one is next to a viewpoint, on a smaller island. Look for a couple of palm trees sticking out from a rock. Beware there will be a couple of crocodiles guarding the treasure, but once dispatch you will be able to grab the chest.

Completion: 150XP


Adexios Naftis Shipwreck

Directly behind Yamu temple there is a ships sail sticking out of the water. If you dive down from the sail you will find two chests.

Completion: 150XP


Mareia Anchorage

This is an easier ship to get to as it is stationary. You can find it in the top right of Lake Mareotis. There will be the usual amount of guards but they will be slightly higher level than the floating vessels. There is just one chest to loot, but it is unlikely you will be able to get it without a fight. Use the higher platforms to give yourself an advantage.

Completion: 300XP


Vulture Lair

This is located just north of Yamu. Approach with caution as the vultures will fly away if alarmed. You only need to kill the lead vulture so use Senu to tag it and then your bow to finish the job. 

Completion: 150XP


Hippopotamus Lair

If you continue on from the Vulture Lair, there will be the same again but for hippos. I suggest using the same tactic, however the hippos will fight back so be careful. The crafting materials from hippos is very useful so you might want to clear them all. 

Completion: 150XP


Lakeside Villa Outpost

This is a tricky task early in the game as stealth is not really an option. You will be able to remove a few soldiers quietly but most likely it will end in a fight. There is 1 Captain to kill and 1 chest to loot. I suggest picking off the weaker soldiers first and then isolating the Captain. Should you need to there is a turret on the outpost which can be used to good effect. This links with the quest Birthright. 

Completion: 200XP


Anoia Cave

The cave can be found at the furthest west position on the map. There will be a crack in the rock that you can squeeze through and the chest will be waiting for you. 

Completion: 150XP


Abandoned Temple Hideout

This hideout can be found farthest north, not far from Alexandria. Due to the size of the hideout you should be able to make use of the bow to silently take out the guards. As always make use of the high ground and try to avoid being spotted. You will need to remove the captain so use Senu to tag him. There is also a chest down a few flights of stone stairs, keep a lookout for the doorway, the loot is just inside. 

Completion: 200XP


Fast Travel Points

There are 3 fast travel points in Lake Mareotis. One in Yamu, the other at the temple and the final one is close to the abandoned temple hideout. Make sure to sync at each one so that you can gain some XP, and increase Senu’s perception.