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After finishing the opening section in Siwa, you will begin your journey to Alexandria. This is the next major location in the game. If you follow the main path you will find yourself travelling through both Iment Nome and Lake Moreotis. Both locations are fairly small but are home to various activities that will help build XP. Depending on your playstyle you may want to visit all or some of these areas. It is good to remember that Origins can punish you for not exploring the world by holding missions back. If you follow this guide you will find yourself less restricted.


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Iment Nome

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Divine Lion Stone Circle

Serqet Stone Circle

This is the Scorpion constellation and can be found in the upper left hand corner of the map. Just align the stars to create the image of a Scorpion. You can find it just below the Lion from earlier. You can revisit these stone circles at any time.


You will find this hideout at the top left of the map right on the edge of Iment Nome. You will likely still be a fairly low level when you arrive here. The tactical approach is to come at night as most of the guards will be sleeping. It is beneficial to use Senu to tag the enemies here, as this is the most guarded of the hideouts.


The objectives for this location are to kill the captain and loot the treasure. The treasure is located in a cave that is easily accessed at night. You can dispose of the few guards that are awake and then silently take out the captain before looting the treasure.


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Your first destination should be the viewpoint as you enter the region. There will be a ship’s mast sticking out of the sand. Simply climb to the top to synchronise, giving you a small amount of XP and increased perception for Senu. 

This can be found just to the right of the viewpoint. It is part of the wider quest Bayek’s Promise. You will need to align the stars to create the picture of the lion. Depending on your controls just move the cursor until you feel rumbling, and the constellation aligns.


Eremos Hideout

I would suggest holding off visiting here until after you have ventured to Lake Moreotis. There you will be given a quest which involves this camp. The objectives at the hideout are to kill the captain and loot the treasure. I would suggest using Senu to tag all the enemies and the loot prior to entering. It is sensible to take the silent approach as you will still be relatively weak at this point.


Necropolis Bandit Hideout

Similar to Eremos it is best to visit here once you find the quest in Lake Moreotis. The objectives here are to kill the captain and loot the treasure. It is best to approach the camp from the north to gain height advantage. Might be worth waiting until nightfall as some of the guards will be asleep. The treasure is at the back of the cave, and through some rocks.


House of Sand Hideout


Lake Mareotis

The final location before you reach Alexandria is Lake Mareotis, a small suburb of the city. The Lake provides you with some fantastic scenery, while easing you into the game. There are 7 quests to complete here with a further 14 extra locations to discover. I cannot emphasise enough the importance of visiting all these areas. Doing so will increase your level at a faster rate, allowing you to complete a lot more tasks in Alexandria.



Hidden Tax (Suggested Level 6)

When you enter the small settlement of Lake Mareotis you will see a women near the water who needs some help. Her husband has travel across to the ruins and has not returned. You will need to find a small boat and travel across to find him. When you arrive Klaudios will be stuck on a rock, don’t rush to him as there will be crocodiles in the water. Use your bow to dispatch them, remembering to collect the skins for crafting. Once safe, help Klaudios on to the boat and bring him back to his wife. When you arrive there will be a trap, and you will need to use your close combat skills to defeat the soldiers. 

Completion: 600 XP


Ambush at the Temple (Suggested Level 6)

When you arrive at the temple of Sekhmet there is an old friend waiting to see you. Your conversation with Menehet will play out through a cut scene. After this you will need to find four children hiding around the temple. You can use Senu to help you find them, however they do sometimes move. Nailah will be in the temple behind a pillar. Soris will be out the back of the temple, be careful as a Hyena will be free in the courtyard. Hasina can be found on the roof of the temple. Finally Keba will be hiding in the well, you will need to destroy a wall to get him out. Now you have found all the children return to Menehet to complete the mission. 

Completion: 900 XP


Ulterior Votives (Suggested Level 7)

You will find this quest in the marketplace of Lake Mareotis. A merchant wishes to speak about some fake goods, however he will request you meet at night. Use the meditation function to fast forward time. When you arrive to meet the merchant, bandits will appear and you will need to take them out. When you speak to him again he will reveal the location of the fake goods. You will now need to return to Iment Nome (Eremos Hideout) to destroy the goods. You can do this from distance and do not even need to enter the camp. However if you have waited until this quest to visit the camp then go in and clear the area. Destroy the goods and collect the treasure.

Completion: 600 XP (Quest)


The Book of the Dead (Suggested Level 8)

In the market of Yamu there is a man who lost a book to some bandits. After speaking with Beka, Bayek decides to help the man retrieve it. The bandits can be found at the Necropolis Bandit Hideout in Iment Nome. When approaching the hideout it is best to wait until nightfall as the majority of bandits will be asleep. If you use the height available you should be able to pick them off with the bow. The book will be inside the cave. You may have already visited this location when travelling to Lake Mareotis. Once you have the book return to the old man to complete the mission. 

Completion: 600 XP


 Lady of Slaughter (Suggested Level 9)

This is a continuation of the questline featuring Bayek and Menehet. You will need to speak to your friend who will inform you that one of the actors is missing. He is needed for a ceremony that is taking place later. You can find the actor in the marketplace, he will be drunk so will need Bayek’s assistance. He is not in a state to fight so you will be asked to stand in. This is a nice early fight to get you use to one on ones. On completion of the fight you will be gifted the legendary gear you are wearing. It is a cool outfit with a nice perk of increased damage and adrenaline on successful hits. 

Completion: 800 XP