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Announcement: Two of our admins are joining The Mentors Guild!


19 Oct 2020

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Colum Blackett

We're pleased to announce that two members of TOWCB admin team, Col and Ash are officially joining The Mentors Guild!


This is a huge opportunity for our community that will hopefully open many doors, and we are extremely excited to join a network of Assassin's Creed leaders around the world.

We hope to help bridge the gap between community members and developers, and look forward to the future projects this community initiative will provide.

We would like to say a huge thank you to the Assassin's Creed Community Development team for inviting us to join the program.


What is the Mentors Guild?


The Mentors Guild is a collection of Assassin’s Creed Community leaders, ranging in skillsets and areas of expertise. Members include cosplayers, artists, content creators, opinion leaders, and fan site administrators. The Mentors Guild was initiated by Ubisoft, spearheaded by Assassin's Creed Community Development team, and its members are hand chosen by Ubisoft.


The Mentors Guild’s main purposes are to connect disparate community members together, assist in grass-roots community initiatives, and act as a bridge of communication between the developers and the fans for both criticism and praise.


Our Admins


Colum Blackett (Col_96 // Col) is the community admin for The Ones Who Came Before, and is joining the Mentors Guild as a community builder. 

Col has been a community ambassador in the UK for the last 4 years, and created TOWCB in 2014. It took a great deal of time to grow, but six years later TOWCB is a community that can be found across several different platforms and has an overall number of around 30,000 members.

"It's a great honour to be selected for the Mentors Guild community program. I've spent many years within the Assassin's Creed community, and I can't wait to get started.

I hope to bring a fresh wave of ideas to TMG that will help with its future. I have a ton of experience when it comes to community building, and hope to work together with fellow Mentors to create opportunities that will benefit the entire community."

Trivia: Col is also an Assassin's Creed merchandise collector, and has one of the biggest collections in the UK! See more


Ashlea Buckley (Ashlea_97 // Ash) is the Editor/ Charity Project Coordinator for The Ones Who Came Before, and is joining the Mentors Guild as a community builder. 

Ash joined the Assassin's Creed community in 2016 during the promotional campaign for the movie, working from the shadows to keep our social media spoiler-free.

She later took on the bigger role of Editor, where she reviews and edits all content published by TOWCB. At University, Ash was the Charity Officer for the Fencing society, where she helped raise money for various charities. Upon leaving, this was something she wanted to continue, and took on the additional role of Charity Project Coordinator.

Ash has created several fundraising projects since joining TOWCB, most recently for The Italian Red Cross during the Coronavirus pandemic, supporting the efforts to combat the virus by providing resources and aid. To date, Ash has helped to raise over £1000 for various campaigns through Assassin's Creed community fundraisers.

"It is such an honour to be selected as part of the Mentors Guild. It was definitely unexpected as I have not been involved in the Assassin's Creed community for as long as the other people in the program, having only been on the scene for the last 4 years, but it is great to see that even when working mostly behind the scenes the work I do as a part of The Ones Who Came Before doesn't go unnoticed. I really appreciate being given this opportunity to further my contributions to the franchise"


Trivia: Ash has also cosplayed at several UK events, and is the host of the Rally the Creed podcast!


Going Forward


A new wave of members are joining the ranks from across the globe, and it's exciting times ahead for all involved. 

You can expect a ton of fan-led initiatives in the future, as we aim to help and inspire content creators to take the next step.

We'll also be sharing community projects over on TMG social media accounts, so keep an eye out for that!

Until then, you can find everything you need regarding AC here at the home of Assassin's Creed community content.



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About the Author

Ashlea is the Editor/ Charity Project Coordinator for The Ones Who Came Before on its wide variety of social media platforms.

​Her main responsibilities for TOWCB involve creating and editing articles, organisation of events and coordinating our charity fundraising, as well as hosting the Rally The Creed Podcast.

Ashlea Blackett

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