'Forgotten Youth' Project Launched


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2/3/21                               By Gustav Poulsen                             Edited by Ashlea Buckley


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About the Author

Gustav is an active community member, and the host of The Memory Corridor Podcast.

in 2018, he joined The AC Partnership Program, a community initiative coordinated by TOWCB that seeks to provide content creators with opportunities that benefits the overall community.

Gustav is also an expert when it comes to Assassin's Creed Virtual Photography. You can find more of his work here in the Community HUB.


Do you feel like the worldwide lockdowns have thrown you into a state of loneliness, sadness or depression?


Do you feel uncertain towards the future because of them?


Do you have something on your mind you want to talk about, or simply want off your chest?


Do you want your voice to be heard?


Our very own @Gargudon, who is mostly known for hosting “The Memory Corridor” podcast and sharing AC virtual photography on The Ones Who Came Before, has recently launched the project Forgotten Youth.


The project aims to spread awareness about young people, who have been mentally affected by the lockdowns, by gathering and sharing stories. The lockdowns have taken their toll on the mental health among the youth in different ways. Young people are currently living through the transition into adulthood with limited opportunities to shape themselves, during the formative shaping years of their youth.


Links to the Forgotten Youth project, as well as to how you can share your own story can be found below. If anyone has any questions regarding the project, feel free to DM us or @Gargudon directly."

Top Stories


We here at The Ones Who Came Before are once again teaming up with our good friend Gustav from the AC Partnership Program to make a difference.

We are proud to announce that we will be fully supporting 'Forgotten Youth', a new initiative that aims to shine a light on the collective trauma young people face due to worldwide lockdowns. The project will be a gathering point for discussion, reflecting on the long-lasting consequences and damage caused by COVID-19. 

If you feel that the pandemic has affected you in any way, you are not alone. Share your stories in a community network as society begins to open up, and we begin to understand the full extent of the worldwide ramifications.