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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla contains a whole host of secret First Civilisation (Isu) gear and weaponry, once owned by members of The Ones Who Came Before that you can discover within the world. 


All of the precursor items listed within this article can be found in the main game, without the need for DLC expansions or payment walls.


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Thor Armour Set

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Unlocking the Thor armour set will take a great deal of time to achieve, as it requires the player to defeat all three of the Daughters of Lerion, and eliminate all members of the Order of Ancients.

The set is broken down into five pieces, and the Mjolnir hammer (which you can only acquire once you are wearing all pieces of gear).

Daughter of Lerion #1 - Goneril (Thor's Breeches)

Location: Spalda Fens, north of the Isle of Ely Monastery (Grantebridgescire)

The first item of gear, Thor's breeches will be unlocked once you have defeated Goneril, a powerful witch and the eldest daughter of King Lerion.

This challenging boss battle can be found conveniently close to a sync point, and suggests a player level of 90. 


After defeating Goneril, Eivor will also gain a decorative dagger which acts as one of the three keys needed for unlocking Thor's Helmet.

Battle Tip: Watch out for her teleport ability and aim for her back.


Daughter of Lerion #2- Regan (Thor's Battle Plate)

Location: Walsham Crag, north coast of East Anglia

The second item of gear, Thor's Battle Plate is earned by defeating Regan, another challenging boss battle which has a recommended level of 160.

Regan can be found in a pit of misery, surrounded by death and destruction, but players can use the environment to defeat her. Look out for arrows surrounding the perimeter, and mushrooms to regenerate health.

Battle Tip: Dodge her attacks and throw axes.

Regan will also drop the second decorative dagger, which acts as a key to unlock Thor's helmet.

Thors c plate.jpg

Daughter of Lerion #3 - Cordelia (Thor’s Gauntlets)

Location: Berkelow Bog, southwest of Britannia’s Watch, East Anglia


The third and final Daughter of Lerion boss battle is Cordelia, a powerful witch who has left a trail of destruction in East Anglia. Head to Berkelow Bog, a circular pit of death littered with the bodies of trespassers. 

Cordelia has a recommended level of 340, and will drop Thor's Gauntlets and the decorative dagger (key) once defeated.

Battle Tip: Wait for her to perform a jumping dagger attack then hit her with the arrow volley skill (multiple arrows at once)


Thor’s Helmet: East Anglia Crypt

Location: East Anglia Crypt, West of Burgh Castle

Once you have defeated all three of the Daughters of Lerion, head to the crypt in East Anglia. Make your way through the underground passages until you find a statue.


Interact with the statue, and Eivor will insert the swords collected from the daughters, causing it to crumble. This reveals a hidden room full of treasure.


Thor's Helmet can be found in a silver chest near the altar.

Thors helmet.jpg

Thor’s Cape: Reward from Hytham

Location: Ravensthorpe Settlement, Hidden Ones Bureau


Once you have eliminated all members of the Order of Ancients (including the Zealots), head back to the Ravensthorpe Hidden Ones Bureau. Speak to Hytham about your success, and he will reward you with Thor's Cape.

This will also complete the 'Breaking the Order' quest, and the Thor armour set.


You will now be able to pick up Thor's hammer, Mjolnir.

Thors cape.jpg


Mjolnir (Thor's Hammer)

Location: Hordafylke outskirts, Norway

To get the Hammer of Eden, you need to be wearing the complete Thor's armour set.


Sail north east of Hordafylke in the direction of the First Civilisation vault that you visit with Sigurd at the end of the game. 


Look out for a hill on the left hand side covered in snow. Climb the hill and keep going up. You should spot a tree stump with arrows in, letting you know that you are on the right track.

Eventually at the top of the hill, you will reach a rock cavern that drops down into a small opening. Here you will find the Mjolnir Hammer. 


Excalibur (Sword of Eden)

Location: Myrddin's Cave, Hamtunscire (First Civilisation Vault underneath Stonehenge)

Excalibur is another First Civilisation weapon that you can unlock in Assassin's Creed Valhalla, once belonging to the legendary King Arthur.


To get the greatsword, you will need to collect all eleven of the stone tablets which are scattered around Britain, or in the possession of zealots.

Once you have all the tablets, head to Myrddin's Cave (North West of Wincestre), and swim down to the First Civilisation vault. Continue through the vault and eventually you will come to a large chamber containing the sword. Simply place the tablets in the pillars and claim the legendary weapon.

Below is a table by IGN listing all of the tablets and where to find them.




Noden's Arc (Isu Bow)

Location: Lake near Brunson Turret, Northumbria

The secret Isu bow was first discovered accidentally after players found a seemingly indestructible pile of rocks on the shores of a tiny island in the middle of a lake. Striking the pile would do nothing, but saving and reloading several times would add the 'Noden's Arc' Isu bow to their inventory. 

The findings were shared by Youtuber JorRaptor, which led to Narrative Director Darby McDevitt confirming that the bow could actually be gained in a legitimate way that was currently undiscovered.

Two days later, fan community Access the Animus cracked the mystery, which actually required owners of the Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Collector's Edition to use their Odin's sight to discover hidden Isu words on the back of lithographs. The language then had to be deciphered, revealing the secret!

Head to the lake next to Brunson Turret, Northumbria, and strike the rock pile at sunset with the Excalibur Greatsword!


Gungnir (Odin's Spear)

Location: Goinnhellir Cave,Norway

Gungnir is another artefact once owned by Odin, leader of the Scandinavian Isu. To get the Isu spear, you need to head to the cave that rests above the First Civilisation Vault in Norway from the end of the game. You do not necessarily need to have completed the game to find the weapon.

This is one of the easier Isu weapons to acquire, as you simply head back to the cave north east of Hordafylke and take it.

Once you're inside the cave, follow the passage, but instead of going towards the actual vault, continue forwards towards a small opening. You should be able to see a bright blue light, which the spear is emitting.

Interact with the spear to remove it from the wall. Eivor will then acknowledge that it is Gungnir, Odin's Spear, and the weapon is yours!


The Morrigan's Guard (Isu Shield)

Location: Belas Knap, Glowecestrescire

The Morrigan's Guard is arguably one of the best shields in the game, and can be found locked in a chest beneath Belas Knap.

An ancient tree rests above three burial chambers, each containing a key needed to unlock the chest. Each of the passageways have different obstacles to overcome such as poison gas and destructible walls but it's relatively easy to get all three keys.

Once you have all three, destroy the entrance to the tomb on the south side using the incendiary powder trap ability or nearby oil jars. Loot the chest and take the shield!

The description says that the shield is made of a strange material, and seems of 'another era or world altogether'.


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