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Art Reveal: Eivor by Jarrett


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10/4/21                               By Colum Blackett                                     Edited by Ashlea Buckley


We're pleased to reveal a new piece of art created by our very own Jarrett (Bleeding Effect Podcast) from the AC Partnership Program

Although most of you will know Jarrett from his podcast that dives into Assassin's Creed lore and real history, he also creates art pieces as a Freelance Illustrator, more of which you can find here on his Instagram.

Here is the finished sketch showcasing a mix of intricate designs that show a great attention to detail. We are particularly impressed with his use of shading on Eivor's clothing, and Synin's feathers!

You can find more of Jarrett's work in the Community Hub!


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About the Artist

Jarrett​ is the host of The Bleeding Effect Podcast, an Assassin's Creed lore series which examines key moments of the franchise, and explores pivotal elements of the story.

Although Jarrett can normally be found next to a mic to bring history alive for the podcast, he is beginning to branch out into other creative fields such as art. 

You can find more of his work in the Community HUB.                      Twitter

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