Website Updates

  • Network Page added

  • FAQ Page added 

  • Page URLS updated

  • Mobile Version Launched

  • EMP Banners added - Affiliate links

  • Navigation Grid added to footer

  • SEO Updated - We should start appearing on Google soon!

Future Plans

  • Fix Top Stories Sidebar

  • Create Community Hub pages

  • Finish adding old content from 2016/17

  • 5 Year Roundup 

  • Check page hyperlinks

Upcoming Community


  • Partnership Program projects

  • Begin work on The Animus Archives - Issue 3

  • Finish Hall of Eden Project

Behind The Scenes

  • The admin team now have          T-shirts with The Ones Who Came Before logo on! ​Look out for members of the team at future events

  • Updates are being made to the site daily. We are working hard to make it the best it can be for our community. You may notice slight changes, as we are constantly tweaking elements.

  • Col's Assassin's Creed Collection has finally been relocated to the new house in Chester.

  • Ash is looking to write another Assassin's Creed article, this time breaking down key elements of the franchise. She's currently replaying the games for inspiration on how to tackle it.

Assassin's Creed Symphony London - 

Check out our pics from the AC Symphony event in London, and the Community Meet-up