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TOWCB Assassin's Creed Art Exhibition:
SophiaEA16 (Part 1)


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20/7/22                                By Colum Blackett                             Edited by Ashlea Blackett

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Welcome to the second article in a new series dedicated to Assassin's Creed art. This new community showcase will explore the works of artists around the world, and cover many different styles.


Our second 'art-icle' is dedicated to SophiaEA16, a digital artist and streamer from Venice, Italy!

Sophia is a member of our AC Partnership Program (Isu Network), and has worked alongside The Ones Who Came Before on numerous art related projects. You can find more of Sophia's work in the Community Hub.


About the Author

Col is the Community Admin for The Ones Who Came Before, and one of the UK Assassin's Creed community ambassadors.

He is also a Ubisoft Star Player (formerly Mentors Guild), and has spent the last 8 years working within the Assassin's Creed community on countless projects.



Colum Blackett

About the Artist

Sophia is a talented artist and Twitch streamer from Venice who joined the AC Partnership Program in early 2021.

By joining the program, Sophia works within the Art Team on a number of different projects, such as art competitions and fundraising campaigns. 


SophiaEA16                                             Twitter            Instagram            Tumblr            Twitch               

We begin our art exhibition with a moody piece showcasing the tension between Altair and Malik from Assassin's Creed I. Throughout the game, the pair throw back and forth verbal jabs, creating an atmosphere. 

In time, they learn to accept each other's methods, and Malik even forgives Altair for breaking the tenets of the Creed. The theme for this piece is Iconic Duo, and who can argue that, as the interactions between the two are both hilarious and iconic.

Malik: ''Oh, I know, I know. In fact, THE ENTIRE CITY KNOWS! Have you forgotten the meaning of subtleties?''

Here we see a dynamic Arno Dorian. AC Unity was the peak of parkour for the series, providing an excellent range of fluid movements and freerunning opportunities.

The colours used make me think of an Assassin running around Paris rooftops at night. The light behind Arno to me looks like the moon, as he flies across the rooftops on a crisp winter's night, perhaps on his way to meet the lovely Élise de la Serre.

Finally, we have

shadow hides Ezio's eyes

background reminds me of old parchment

That's it for this Assassin's Creed Art Exhibition. Keep an eye on the Community Hub throughout 2022 and beyond for more Assassin's Creed artwork by SophiaEA16! You can find her personal channels listed below.

Look out for Part 2, containing even more art by Sophia, which will is scheduled for release 28/7/22! 


incredibly beautiful use of colours


The theme for this shot is Mythology, and we see here the Minotaur from Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Arguably one of the hardest boss battles in the game, this enemy is both quick and dangerous as it attacks the Misthios.

All is not as it seems though, as the minotaur is an Isu weapon used to protect the Labyrinth of Lost Souls,  powered by the Atlantis artefact.

I love the colours used on this piece, especially the gold axe which pops off the screen. The solid white eye of the beast suggests possession and control, which is exactly how this beast operates. 


possibly a slightly cynical take, but to me, the floating steering wheel made me think of Adewale in the afterlife

Roses have a double meaning here, as the character's name is Rosa, and was originally supposed to be a potential love interest for Ezio, but further developments on this were cut due to the tragic death of voice actress Lita Tresierra.


The character would indeed have returned in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, and may have even gone on to become Ezio's main love interest, but this ultimately became Cristina Vespucci.

I think that this is a fitting tribute to the character, who had undeniable chemistry with Ezio.

This piece is a clever use of the theme 'Tomb'.

I imagine many artists presented with this prompt would look to the Monteriggioni Sanctuary for inspiration, but Sophia has instead selected the most famous tombs ever created, the pyramids.

On this clear night, I can imagine Bayek on a hill somewhere keeping watch over the land. I like how the piece has a circular black outline, to me, almost looking like the final thing you see before closing your eyes to sleep. Not a bad final view before hitting the hay (Assassin's Creed pun intended).

Initiation. Every Brotherhood does it differently, but the French certainly don't hold back.


Here we have Arno's psychedelic journey, courtesy of the French Brotherhood. His past traumas are laid out in front of him, forcing him to confront his demons. Arno chases the man who killed his father, but never truly catches him. This personal vendetta would hold him back, so potentially with the use of drugs and hypnosis, Arno's initiation forces him to move through the pain and take steps towards honouring his Father's memory.

I feel like this piece shows the reality of how Arno's initiation really happened. Of course, he did not parkour his way around a crumbling room. He probably just suffered for a few moments as he felt the full effects of the laced drink

Here we see a battered Haytham, fuelled by anger

As the theme is Boss fight, I wonder if this is actually Haytham's last stand against Connor, a tragic end to AC III. The pair could simply not reconcile their differences, and it ended in Haytham's demise.

I like how Haytham is surrounded by little blood drops, showing the aftermath of the conflict. This is quite a violent image, but captures Haytham in a moment of weakness. For such a strong character, this shot reveals his mortality, and perhaps even his final moments.