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Quick-Fire Community Questions - Round 5: Chris Reilly

By Colum Blackett



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Colum: Hey Chris, thank you for joining us for Round 5 of Quick Fire Community Questions! Please could you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

Chris: Thanks for having me. Well I’m Chris Reilly and I’m the main creator of a little passion project, The Precursor Box. I’m 30 years old and from a wee place called Scotland. I lived in Florida for 5 years where I met my wife Cherie and I was in the British Army but had to leave because of an injury during my training, I am currently working to get back into the Army.
learn from it.

Colum: What about AC made you love the games? What made you a fan in the first place?

Chris: It really started to get my full attention in Assassin's Creed 2 because I started to find the glyphs. Once I finally seen The Truth video, I was kind of blown away. I realized that there was a lot more going on in this series than I first thought. So, I definitely love the stories that that have been told but honestly the thing I love the most is the Assassin’s Creed itself. I think there is so much there to explore and a lot to learn from it.

Colum: When did you first play an Assassin’s Creed game, and what were your initial thoughts?

Chris: The first time I played an AC game was 2007 with the first game. I was 19 and my true love in gaming had always been the Grand Theft Auto series but this was about to change forever. I went to my friend’s house and he said he just got this new game called Assassin's Creed, but he wasn’t far into it and didn't quite understand what was going on. he put it on, and he started a new game so I could see the beginning. Straight away I was intrigued because it started out in a present day setting but I'm looking at the back of the box and the pictures all show what seems to be a medieval setting, but then sure enough Dr Warren Vidic starts to explain the animus to us and then we get pulled into 1191. This whole concept was very exciting to me and then as soon as I seen that you were able to climb buildings and free run your way across the rooftops, I knew I had to buy this game.  


Colum: Which Assassin’s Creed game is your favorite, and what do you think about the new direction of the franchise?

Chris: My favourite game is a hard question so I’m going to cheat and name 2. First off, I love Assassin’s Creed 3. I love the Native American side of the story and the frontier has seen some of my fondest gaming moments. My second has to be Assassin’s Creed Origins. I think it’s the almost perfect blend of old-style AC and the new style. I wouldn’t have removed social stealth but was happy with everything else in the game.

As for the new direction of the franchise, I will admit I was sold from the beginning when they announced Origins but less so about Odyssey, that’s down to the fact that it takes place before Origins and I’m in the camp that Odyssey should have been a spin off “An Assassin’s Creed Story” game. But I have enjoyed Odyssey and I can’t wait to see what happens next.  

Colum: Do you have any predictions for the 2020 game?

Chris: Well the rumor is it's going to be in Rome set in between Origins and Odyssey if I remember correctly, So I wouldn’t be surprised if that ends up being true.

Col: Are there any challenges you are currently facing in the creation of your community. If so, is there anything our readers can do to help?

Chris: Right now its just about trying to get the word out there and trying to build a following. All that I ask is for people to read what were about and if they like the sound of it for now please follow us on Twitter/Facebook, and please share with any Assassin’s Creed fans you know.

Colum: One year from now, what do you think ‘The Precursor Box’ community will look like?

Chris: One year from now we will have everything up and running and I just hope people come check us out and find a home.

Colum: Are you planning on attending any events this year, such as EGX, Comic Cons or meet-ups?

Chris: Sadly no. this year is already stacking up to be my busiest yet.

Colum: Do you collect Assassin’s Creed merchandise? If so, what is your favorite item?

Chris: I’ve never been a big collector myself, I’ve always just bought the games/comics although lately I’ve been eyeing up a few collectables.

Colum- What is your favorite part of being a member of the AC community?

Chris: Honestly, it’s the passion the fans have for the series. There is so much amazing content created around the AC franchise by the fans. I want to give a shout out to @Loomer979 & @White24Room I love the work they have done and have found inspiration in both.

Creator of 'The Precursor Box' Fan project

Colum: What is ‘The Precursor Box’ project, and what will it bring to the Assassin’s Creed Community?

Chris: The Precursor Box is a passion project that my wife and I are creating. We are a multimedia community project and at the center we will have a website /forum for all thing’s AC related, without the worry of things like social matters or politics being brought into it. I know from personal experience and from talking to many others there is no real good place for the fandom to come together because of these problems. I know a lot of people don't really like going to the official Assassins Creed forums and Reddit is a complete riot. So, we are creating a place where that type of behavior won’t be tolerated. We will feature and promote the fans of everything Assassin’s creed related from games, movies, comics, cosplay, virtual photography & more. Eventually i want to start putting out YouTube videos doing in depth lets plays and Character profiles & more.


We would like to say a huge thank you to Chris Reilly from 'The Precursor Box' for joining us for this round of QFCQ.



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