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  Assassin's Creed Character Guide:

Part 1

21/10/17                       Updated 7/8/19


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The Assassin's Creed Universe is one that is constantly expanding and evolving, so much so that it becomes difficult to keep track of all the new characters.

It's possible that some of the characters featured will appear in future Games/Projects, so if you don't have time to read all of the expanded material, this guide is for you.

Hope it helps.

​- Col_96

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Name: Simon Hathaway.       Allegiance: Templar Order.        Status: Alive

  • Rank: Head of Abstergo Industries' Historical Research Division.

  • ​Member of the Inner Sanctum of the Templar Order.

  • Master Templar. British Historian

Appearances: Assassin's Creed Heresy - AC Uprising Comics #2 (Cameo)

Simon is the lover of fellow Templar, Anaya Chodary.

After the death of Isabelle Ardant, Simon became the new Head of the Historical Research Division at Abstergo. In a presentation to the Inner Sanctum, Simon argued that the Animus should be used to search for knowledge that would benefit the Templar Order. Rikkin agrees, and allows Simon to use the Animus, but only if he is monitored by Victoria Bibeau, an Abstergo Psychiatrist and Researcher. During this time he reconnects with his former lover, Anaya Chodary.


Modern Day Templars


By using the Animus, Simon discovers that the Sword of Eden in Alan Rikkin's Office is the same one once owned by Jacques de Molay, Fracois-Thomas Germain and Arno Dorian. He also discovers that the Modern Day Sword is Broken, and needs another piece known as "The Heart" to work. ​His time in the Animus also revealed that his ancestor had been trained by the Assassins, a thought that made him physically sick, as he was a "Legacy" Templar (Both parents are Templars).

Discovering that his work in the Animus was being monitored, and that he was also being watched by Abstergo, Simon decides to conduct his research outside of Abstergo, where Rikkin had been using people around him as moles. 

Simon steals Alan Rikkin's Sword of Eden, then escapes Abstergo by doing a leap of faith, making him an enemy of Abstergo for theft. He then travels to Paris and finds "The Heart" at the bottom of the River Seine, where it had been thrown during the execution of Joan of Arc. The book ends with Simon sneaking into The Inner Sanctum Meeting (London), and reuniting the Heart and Sword, making it fully functional once more. All charges are dropped against Simon, as he returns the Sword to Rikkin. He later gets back together with his former girlfriend, Anaya Chodary.

Simon is also present at an Inner Sanctum Meeting, in which the new Black Cross attends.


Name: Anaya Chodary.            Allegiance: Templar Order.            Status: Alive

  • Rank: Abstergo Technician working at The Aerie (Abstergo Facility)    

  • Past: Abstergo Field Agent. Abstergo Hacker.     

​Anaya is the lover of Simon Hathaway, and a dedicated member of the Templar Order. She has held several positions within Abstergo, but is now working as a technician at The Aerie facility, where a project involving a group of teenagers is taking place. (Ongoing in Last Descendants)

In AC Heresy, Anaya and Simon reconnect months after deciding to end the one year relationship due to time issues. Seeing Simon again makes it difficult for her to move on with her life, so she applies for a position in Montreal, where she would have a fresh start. 3 days later she meets with Simon to inform him that she had been accepted as the new Director of Security in Montreal, and would soon be moving. Later when celebrating her new position with friends, she witnesses a meeting between Alan Rikkin and Victoria Bibeau in the restaurant. Bibeau later denies ever going to the restaurant when told to try the Bella Cibo off the menu next time.

Later that day, Anaya invites Simon to a pub to inform him of Victoria's meeting with Rikkin. Simon then tells Anaya all about his work exploring the memories of his ancestor, Gabriel Laxart, a friend of Jeanne d'Arc. He also tells Anaya that he is using the Animus to look for answers on how to fix the Sword of Eden, and that people around him had been mysteriously disappearing, and replaced. Anaya examines Simon's apartment, and discovers a number of surveillance devices, monitoring his activities.

Simon later asks Anaya to hack into the Animus Servers to see if they had been compromised, in which they had, from a computer in her own department. Anaya suspects that her future replacement, Benjamin Clarke is actually a mole working for Alan Rikkin. Realising that Simon was in trouble, he decided to steal the Sword of Eden, so that he could study it further and fix it without the constant threat of Abstergo. During the theft, Anaya warns Simon that Abstergo security were after him, in which he performs a leap of faith to escape.

Ten days later, Simon is cleared of all charges, after presenting his findings to the Inner Sanctum, along with the now working Sword of Eden. Simon later asks Anaya to give their relationship a second chance, in which she agrees. She later turns down the job in Montreal, and goes on to work as a technician at the Aerie, where Abstergo are working with teenagers to discover the location of the Trident of Eden prongs.


​Name: Victoria Bibeau.     Allegiance: Assassins. Formerly Templars    Status: Deceased

  • Rank: Member of Layla Hassan's Assassin Cell

  • Former Abstergo Psychiatrist and Researcher

​Appearances: Abstergo Employee Handbook - AC Heresy - Last Descendants Locus #3- Last Descendants: Tomb of the Khan - Odyssey

Victoria was first introduced in the Abstergo Employee Handbook, where she performed a psychiatric evaluation of Robert Fraser, an Abstergo analyst who was reliving the memories of Arno Dorian. It was believed that he was suffering from the Bleeding Effect, but she concluded that he was psychologically struggling to separate the lives of Arno and his own.

After this diagnosis, Fraser was to be monitored, and instructed to visit Bibeau whenever the project because too overwhelming. He admitted to her that he had actually split up with his girlfriend due to his time in the Animus, and he now believed he was in love with Elise de la Serre (Arno's lover).

Bibeau recommended that Fraser should start writing, in an effort to separate himself from Arno whenever he felt the Bleeding Effect setting in.​ Unfortunately, Fraser's condition worsened, and he began hallucinating, causing him to take a week of medical leave. During this week, Bibeau instructed him to destroy all of his work on Arno Dorian. She also persuaded him to leak some of Arno Dorian's unsequenced memories to the Assassins, a move that would see him taken out by Abstergo.

Bibeau only managed to survive because she claimed that she did not know the goals of the Assassins or Templars at the time, and a number friends within Abstergo vouched for her. She is told by Alan Rikkin in Heresy that she was extremely close to being Terminated. She was subsequently offered a position within the Templar Order, and became a loyal member.

In AC Heresy, she monitored Simon Hathaway's Animus Sessions, reporting back to Alan Rikkin, something that Simon later discovers. She also worked on a project in an Abstergo Facility known as The Aerie (Last Descendants), working with four teenagers in an attempt to locate the Trident of Eden, which had been split into three parts. She worked with Isaiah, the Director of the Aerie to locate the three prongs of the Trident. During an Assassin raid on the facility, two of the teenagers managed to escape, but Isaiah managed to capture Owen, who he turned against the Assassins by convincing him that they were responsible for his father's imprisonment. 

Owen and Grace escaped the facility with Monroe and followed the Templars to Mongolia. When they arrived however, the artefact was gone, along with Isaiah and his team. An alliance was formed between Bibeau and her Abstergo guards, and the Assassins, in order to stop Isaiah who had gone rogue. 

The truce established by Victoria led to a tense standoff between the Assassins and Isaiah, where it was revealed that Owen had been shown a fake DNA memory by Abstergo, making him believe that they were responsible for his father's imprisonment. Isaiah managed to escape the tomb with the Piece of Eden, before making his way to Norway, where the third and final prong was buried. 

In AC Origins, Victoria had left Abstergo and was recruited by William Miles, where she joined Layla Hassan's Assassin Cell. She supervised Layla's Animus sessions whilst reliving the memories of Kassandra. The pair found the lost book of Herodotos and the Spear of Leonidas, discoveries which helped them to gain access to the Atlantis throne room.

Victoria was concerned about Layla's mindset due to Animus overexposure and her possession of the Piece of Eden. After Layla's  session of Kassandra in Hades, Victoria forcefully removed her from the Anmus, causing Layla to attack her with another Piece of Eden they had acquired together, the Staff of Hermes Trismegistus. The impact of the staff knocked Victoria across the room, accidentally killing her. The death of Victoria made Layla question her role as the Heir of Memories. 


Name: Mitsuko Nakamura     Allegiance: Templar Order.     Status: Alive.

  • Rank: Director of Research of Abstergo Industries Lineage Discovery                  and Acquisition.

  • Member of the Inner Sanctum of the Templar Order.         

Appearances: AC Heresy - Assassin's Creed Uprising #2 

Mitsuko is a Member of the Inner Sanctum who we are yet to see in any of the games. She was present at Simon Hathaway's induction, and also voted for all charges to be dropped against him for the theft of Abstergo property (Sword of Eden).

In Assassin's Creed Uprising, she is present when the new Black Cross is invited to an Inner Sanctum Meeting and learns that the Order may have been compromised. 


Name: Isaiah           Allegiance: Templar Order            Status: Defeated (Presumably Dead)

  • Rank: Director of the Aerie.          

  • Owner of two prongs of the (Trident of Eden)

​Appearances: Assassin's Creed Last Descendants/Tomb of the Khan/ Locus/Fate of the Gods

Isaiah was the director of the Aerie, an Abstergo Facility in America where the Lineage and Acquisition Division is based (They locate people of interest, such as Desmond, Clay etc).

He oversaw a project involving four teenagers in an effort to find the three prongs of the Trident of Eden. Although the teens were held captive, Victoria Bibeau and he managed to convince some of them to cooperate, and share their knowledge. They were both honest with the teens, and revealed their allegiance to the Templar Order.

The Location of one of the Prongs known as the Faith Prong was revealed, and had been owned by Ulysses S. Grant until his death. Abstergo retrieved the Faith Prong, and Isaiah kept it in his possession.

During the research project at the Aerie Facility, Isaiah showed one of the teenagers, Owen a doctored video which made it look as if the Assassins were responsible for his Father's imprisonment. This caused Owen to question the Brotherhood. After concluding that Owen's DNA was a dead end, Isaiah travelled to the tomb of the Mongolian Warlord Genghis Khan, where he believed the second prong was buried. Upon arriving at the tomb, he was met by the Assassins and Victoria Bilbau, where he revealed his new allegiance to something greater than the Templar Order.

Isaiah managed to escape with the second prong, and make his way to Norway in search of the third prong. He was eventually stopped by an alliance between the Assassins and Templars.


Name: The Black Cross.     Identity: Juhani Otso Berg.     Status: Alive (Badly Inured)

  • Rank: Black Cross of the Templar Order.      

  • Allegiance: Templar Order.

Appearances: Assassin's Creed Uprising 

​The Black Cross is a position within the Templar Order that require an individual to remove corruption, and ensure that all Templars follow the Code and Goals of the Order. They report directly to the Inner Sanctum, and are allowed to use  any means necessary, even deadly force, to take down corrupted members of the Order. Their Secondary Objective is to locate and retrieve Pieces of Eden for the Inner Sanctum.

In 2017, Juhani Otso Berg became the new Black Cross, in order to remove corruption from the Templar Order, which had been infiltrated by Assassins and Instruments of the First Will.

With assistance from Andre Bolden (Black Cross Family Descendant), The Modern Day Black Cross secretly investigated corruption within the Templar Order. He discovered that someone using High Tech Assassin and Templar equipment had killed Assassins at a former Phoenix Project Research Facility in Hong Kong.

A month later The Black Cross was summoned to a meeting by the Inner Sanctum, in which he revealed that the Order had been infiltrated, and he would investigate each and every one of them. (Andre Bolden went instead of Berg to avoid suspicion). This led to conflict between Berg and The Black Cross (Planned), ending with The Black Cross dropping a smoke bomb and leaving the meeting.

The Black Cross continued to investigate the Corruption within the Order, and tracked down the man who created the High Tech Equipment. The Abstergo Engineer Heinrich Hart was being questioned by the Assassins when Berg arrives, so he waits until they have left before his own questioning begins.

He admits to Berg that he is a member of the Instruments of The First Will, and detonates a device killing 170 people. The Black Cross manages to escape via an open window, jumping into the river before the building explodes.

Further investigations lead to Berg discovering that the Instruments of The First Will had been using Abstergo funds, and also Assassin funds. During a conversation with the Assassin My'shell Lemair, Berg realises that they are being watched, so knocks her out and escapes. After killing five Instruments, Berg collapses, and is confronted by the High Tech enemy who killed everyone at the Facility in Hong Kong. He reveals himself to be Jasdip Dhami, a former Assassin who was now working for the Instruments. He warns that if Berg should continue his investigation, his daughter would die.

Berg momentarily worked with the Assassins, as the Order had also been infiltrated by the Instruments, and he felt that he could not report his findings to Abstergo (Or they would know he was the Black Cross/ an Instrument would report back that he was still investigating).

Since the truce between the two factions however, things have once again resulted in conflict. In AC Origins, Berg sent Sigma team to Egypt, which was ultimately stopped by Layla who used a hidden blade taken from the tomb of Bayek. During the attack however, one of Layla's Abstergo colleagues Deanna is presumably killed, causing her to turn against her employer. She is later recruited by William Miles and joins the Assassins.

Berg later learns that an Assassin Cell is being led by his former colleague, Layla Hassan, and he manages to hack into her equipment. He follows her progress for a while before making his way to Greece and confronting her. Layla tells him that she understands his allegiance to the order, as they are treating his daughter's illness. Berg threatens Layla, and she defeats him using the Staff of Hermes Trismegistus. Berg is impaled in the back by Layla in a brutal attack, causing him to lose consciousness from the loss of blood. It is currently unknown if Berg survived the attack, but it's possible that he will never walk again. This could lead to somebody else taking on the role of Black Cross, and keeping the Templar Order in line with its values.


Name: Didier Hawking.                           Allegiance: Templar Order.                                                  
​Status: Deceased.                                  


  • Rank: High Ranking Templar.


  • Appearances: Assassin's Creed #5

Hawking made a deal with the Assassin Joseph Laurier in order to find the location of Dorothy Osborne's Remains, a girl alive during the Salem Witch Trials who could communicate with the Isu Scientist known as Consus. Joseph was the descendant of the Assassin Jennifer Querry, who helped Thomas Stoddard rescue Dorothy from the Templars.

Hawking also wanted to capture the newly recruited Assassin, Charlotte de la Cruz, a descendant of Tom Stoddard. Joseph's real motive for helping the Templars was actually to get revenge on Xavier Chen, an Assassin who he blamed for the death of his Lover, Christian.

Joseph and Hawking created a trap for the Assassins, where they would believe that Joseph was being held hostage. To make the plan more believable, Hawking knocked out several of Joseph's teeth, to make it look like he had been beaten. When the Assassins came to rescue Joseph from the Templars, he freed himself from his chains, Killed Xavier and broke Galina's Leg. Charlotte managed to save Galina, as Joseph told her that the Assassins were just using her for her special ability.

He then detonated an explosive hidden inside one of the Teeth Hawking had knocked out, killing him and his Tech Team in an attempt to prove that he was still loyal to the Assassins. Joseph then escaped the facility and went on the run from the Assassins and Templars


​Name: Garcia-Lopez                     Allegiance: Templar Order

Status: Alive                      


  • Rank: Member of the Propaganda Division. 

  • High Ranking Templar             


  • Appearances: Assassin's Creed #7

In 2016, Lopez was targeted by an Assassin Cell led by Galina Voronina, who planned to kidnap her in order to find out the location of Joseph Laurier. 

The plan failed when Lopez realised that she being tailed, and ran from the Assassins in Mexico City's Chapultepec Park. She then punched Kody (Assassin) in the face, and pepper sprayed Charlotte in the eyes, before running off and calling for Police Intervention. The Assassins had to flee the scene before authorities arrived.


Name: Ellen Kaye                  Allegiance: Templar Order

Status: Alive                


  • Rank: Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Abstergo Industries.

  • Leader of the Council of Elders


  • Appearances: AC Movie + Movie Novel

Kaye is one of the Highest Ranking Templars in the Order, answering only to the General of the Cross. In 2016, she summoned Alan Rikkin to inform him that the Council would vote to disband the Abstergo Foundation, due to it's cost. She believed that 3 billion annually would be better spent elsewhere. She also told him that the Templars had already won, as people no longer cared about their freedom, but instead their standard of life, and were content to follow whoever gave it to them. Rikkin disagreed, and argued that the threat remained, as long as free will existed.

Rikkin informed her that his daughter Sophia was on the verge of discovering an Apple of Eden, due to a new test subject with direct ties to the Assassin Order. Rikkin also told her that Lynch's bloodline went all the way back to the protectors of the artefact. He was then told that they should bring the Apple to the Templar Meeting in London, giving them one week to find it.

Several days later, Kaye was present in Seville Cathedral when the Apple of Eden was uncovered at the burial site of Christopher Columbus. As it was retrieved, she told Sophia that all the glory would go to her Father, but they both knew who had really found it. She also told the young Templar that her time would come.

​She was also present at the Templar Meeting in London, where Alan Rikkin was assassinated and the Apple of Eden stolen by Callum Lynch and the Assassins. Seeing Sophia kneeling beside her Father's body, she says "It is not to ourselves, but to the future, in which we must give glory".

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