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If you are looking to create an unstoppable fire build for your Viking in AC Valhalla, then this is the article for you. Whether you are new to Valhalla, or a veteran looking to diversify their next playthrough, you can find a great variety of fire-based weapons scattered throughout the game.

The benefits of a fire build are vast, from menacing damage, fast dodge and parrying, and spectacular critical hit perks. Once mastered, you’ll have one of the most powerful builds in all of Valhalla at your disposal, and all of this can be achieved within your first few hours of gameplay.


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Spinning Death Flail


Hopefully these tips will help you get started on your Viking adventure. Valhalla is a wonderful game full of intrigue and mystery with a story that sucks you in slowly. Be patient and take your time, you will not regret it.

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Whether you fancy yourself as the next Witch King of Middle Earth, or you simply love to get up close and personal with the enemy, the death flail is an ideal choice. 

With fierce attack and stun attributes, along with its lightweight design, players will have no trouble evading enemy attacks whilst dealing devastating blows that always seem to land true.

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In addition to its formidable damage, those who wish to end a battle in style have the small chance of dropping a ‘Fire Bomb’ when dealing a ‘Heavy Finisher Hit’ with the Death Flair.


Location: Trade Depot, Jorvik

Step by Step Guide to Obtain the Spinning Death Flail:

First, you’ll need to make your way to the Trade Depot in Jorvik. 

Top Tip: You’ll have to investigate this location as part of the ‘Pricking the Needle’ quest, so it might be worth completing ‘The Welcoming Party’ mission to unlock this quest before coming here to grab the Death Flail. 

Once you get to Jorvik the doors to the Trade Depot will be locked, so you’ll need to make your way to the roof. If you’re worried about splinters, we’d recommend using the rope lift at the southwest side of the building for a quick ascent. 

Once on the roof of the Trade Depot it’s probably best to tell you that there are more than just locked doors between you and your prize, especially if you are here as part of the quest. 

What to expect as part of the ‘Pricking the Needle’ quest! 

The Trade Depot will be heavily guarded, but as you can enter the building from above, you can use the element of surprise to assassinate the first few guards on the upper walkway. Then you’ll need to take out the rest of the enemies on the ground floor. Luckily, there is a net with barrels that you can drop on unsuspecting enemies and explosive jars that an eagled eyed assassin can ignite with a ranged weapon. 

What to expect outside of the quest!

The Spinning Death Flail will be guarded by a relatively high-level enemy, who will be sat on a stool on the ground floor, with attributes akin to that of Hagrid’s half-brother. By that, he is sluggish and slow but fierce in head-to-head combat. So, if you can keep to the upper level, and take your time, he shouldn’t cause any broken controllers.

Top Tip: In true Nordic fashion, aim for the head.

Now that the coast is clear, you’ll need to face southeast whilst on the ground floor and head to the door underneath the stone walkway. In the back of this room, you’ll find the chest that stores the Spinning Death Flail. If you are investigating the Trade Depot as part of the quest, you’ll also need to approach the rugs to the left the door to complete that objective.

Sepulcher Axe

The Sepulcher Axe is the ideal choice for warriors looking for a fierce two-handed weapon that would make even a Wuuthrad wielding Dragonborn blush.

With such a powerful weapon being available to players so early in the game, the Sepulcher Axe can carry any Viking well into the latter portion of their Valhalla playthrough. Alongside its high attack, stun and critical damage attributes, its critical hit ability, which ignites the weapon into bright flames, makes this weapon truly spectacular.


Location: Offchurch's Crypt – Mercia. West of Ravensthorpe.

Step by Step Guide to Obtain the Sepulcher Axe:

Firstly, you’ll need to begin the story quest ‘Tilting the Balance’ as the Offchurch Crypt can only be accessed during or after this mission.

Whether you’re starting or have completed the mission, you will need to find the church and face south, which will have you facing the entrance of the Crypt. You will then need to enter the Crypt. 

Top Tip: If you haven’t started or completed the quest, a locked door will block you from entering. 

You will then need to progress through the Crypt heading south, killing any enemies that you might encounter along the way. 

You will then come to a stop in front of a red tapestry mostly covered by a silver statue. At this point you will need to take the corridor to your right (heading westward) which heads down a flight of stairs. 

Top Tip: Make sure that before you enter the chambers below you are prepared for combat, as King Burgred’s guards will be waiting for you. 

Once you’ve disposed of his guards, you’ll see two iron doors on the North side of the chamber. You’ll need to open the door on the right side, cross the room to the far-left corner, and inside the lone chest you will find the Sepulcher Axe.


With any luck, the weapons listed above have hopefully lit a flame (pun intended) within you and put you well on your way perfecting an unstoppable fire build.

Top Tip: If you want to get the most out of these weapons, it is best to develop your ‘Melee Skill Tree’ from as early on in your playthrough as possible. We recommend using the perks ‘Perfect Attack’ and ‘Battlefield Cremation’, as these perks ensure you maximise the fire damage you can deal whilst in combat. 

Sarcophagus Shield 

One of the more overlooked fire build items in AC Valhalla is the shield, and for players that want to channel their inner King Leonidas, the ‘Sarcophagus Shield’ is the perfect choice.


This shield has a practically impenetrable block that would impress even the 300 of Sparta. It also has a high ‘Stun’ attribute so trust us when we say, if you parry an enemy, they’ll need more than ice and bath salts.

But what really makes this shield an ideal addition to any fire build, is its perk. When parrying with the Sarcophagus Shield you have the chance of creating a fire around your character, a fire that can cause residual damage to any nearby enemies. This is ideal when you are being attacked by multiple enemies. 


Location: Sciropescire, Dhustone Quarry

Step by Step Guide to Obtain the Sarcophagus Shield:

First, you’ll need to travel to the Dhustone Quarry in Sciropescire (See map above). 

Top Tip: Before entering the Quarry beware of any enemies in the area, as their long-range attacks with bows could put a stop to your plundering. 

You will then need to enter the cave/mineshaft at the bottom of the quarry (north facing). Once inside, bare right and you’ll find a small gap in the rocks next to a cage that you will need to squeeze through. 

Once though, you’ll find yourself in waist high water and, to the shock of all those that might have only played the first installation of Assassin’s Creed you’ll need to do the impossible...swim! 

Facing the back of the cave (eastward) you’ll need to dive beneath the surface and swim through the underwater passage until you get to the far side. You’ll see light above and wooden beams once you swim far enough eastward. 

Once you emerge, turn to face west again and you’ll see a lone chest on the wooden rafters, inside you’ll find the Sarcophagus Shield, waiting to be wielded by a worthy Viking.