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Assassin's Creed Community Meet-up/ Symphony London Event


Edited by Ashlea Buckley


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Our admins Col and Ash recently attended the Assassin's Creed Symphony event in London. Before the event, they were invited on an open bus tour of London with UK Community Members, and a special meal with Michael Antonakos (Alexios), kindly arranged by Ubisoft.

They also attended the Assassin's Creed Community Meet-up at the Swan Pub, which was organised by Fae from the Mentor's Guild.


Saturday 5th October 2019


         London Tour

Tweets by Assassin's Creed UK

Our day started with a walk from the hotel to Euston

Station, where we met Dave Woodward from

Assassin's Creed United Kingdom. We then travelled

to the Tower of London to meet Jon from Ubisoft and

the Community Members.


The events kicked off with a look at the historic 

walls of the Tower of London, where Evie Frye

killed Lucy Thorne in Assassin's  Creed Syndicate.

We then hopped on a bus and travelled to Westminster, where we got pictures on the bridge beneath Big Ben, which was sadly hidden beneath


Our next location was Buckingham Palace, a short walk from the Houses of Parliament. The flag was flying, meaning Her Majesty was in residence. We stopped for a few photos and hopped back on the bus. 

Our final destination was Trafalgar Square, one of the tallest sync points in all of London. We ended our tour by heading back to the hotel and meeting Michael Antonakos, Alexios from Assassin's Creed Odyssey.

We then all went to a lovely Italian restaurant for some food, where Michael took the time to learn all about the community members present. Unfortunately we did not take photos at the meal, as we wanted to keep Michael's presence a surprise for those attending the Community Meet-up later on.

Saturday 5th October 2019


        Community Meet-up

We jumped in an Uber and made our way to the Swan pub, Hammersmith, where Community Members had 

already started meeting. It was amazing to see so many people in attendance, and as the crowd continued to



One amazing story that we heard was that a couple had travelled from South Wales to London for the

Symphony, and spotted somebody wearing an AC hoodie. They got talking and the person mentioned the

meet-up taking place before the show.

Another great story we heard was that a pair of cosplayers just happened to be in the pub before the show eating dinner, when they read about the meet-up online and came downstairs straight away to meet everyone.

It was a fantastic atmosphere at the meet-up, with fans travelling from far and wide. Artist Lisa Zaman was handing out special Assassin's Creed art prints for everyone, and Fae from the Mentor's Guild (who had arranged the meet-up) was also giving out special Symphony prints. 

We were handing out special water stickers in order to promote our collaborative community fundraising campaign, which you can learn more about here.

Below you can see our video of the moment Michael arrived and surprised the majority of fans in the room!