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By Colum Blackett



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(Full spoilers for Assassin's Creed Movie)

My observations from watching the Assassin's Creed Movie frame by frame. Please note that many of the images are open to individual interpetation, and can only be seen for a split second in the movie.

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Assassin HQ

In the Assassin base we see a table with what looks to be the parts needed to construct a hidden blade.

At the initiation ceremony, we see several older men wearing white robes.

Potentially members of the Assassin Council.

Aguilar has a finger on his right hand removed.

This is the first time we have actually seen an Assassin have a finger removed.

The Assassins use a special chopping block to remove fingers.

Joseph in his Assassin outfit

UbiWorkshop Templar Cross in Alan Rikkin's car.

Location where Cals mother died

Young Cal has his hood up, foreshadowing his future.

Assassin necklace covered in blood.

The drawing on the left looks like a pyramid to me. Could it be a hint?

Prison location

Many of Cal's drawings are of the Spanish Inquisition.

We can clearly see Tomas de Torquemada in several of the images.

Sophia Rikkin watches Cal's execution

The number 72 can be seen on the machine. 72 is an occuring number in the Assassin's Creed franchise.

Examples: - It took Haytham 72 days to reach America.
                   - 72 was the password to gain access to the Colosseum Vault.
                    -Desmond Miles was born on the 72nd day of the year 1987.

For more:

Nathan does gardening at the Abstergo facility.

Alan Rikkin has a copy of Altair's Codex in his office. Could it be the original?

An unknown person watches Cal on the monitor. Who could it be?

Animus 2.0

The Assassins all wear very different robes

Close up of one of the Assassins

Hidden Blades

Aguilar's hand

The Council of Elders 

Ancient Manuscript showing the Apple of Eden.

Unknown painting in Sophia Rikkin's office

Cal's family tree

Bottom left image on the newspaper article show's the room where Cal's mother died. Notice that her body has since been moved.

Image drawn by Cal, on the wall in Sophia's


Assassin on the wall in Sophia's office.     Louisiana, USA. 1861.   Could he be one of Cal's ancestors?

Several people have speculated that the image of the right looks more like Connor than Aguilar.

"Aguilar de Nerha. Remains found at excavation ref 42502"         1455-1526.          
   Aguilar lived to be 71 years old., and died 2 years after Ezio.

"Aguilar de Nerha. 15th C. Member of the Spanish Brotherhood. He wore robes bearing Moorish influence. Wielded 2 hidden blades."

Stained Glass Assassin Logo

Another one of Cal's drawings in Sophia's office, this time of Tomas de Torquemada

Sophia's mother, who was apparently killed by an Assassin.

Models of the Apple of Eden.

1+2 show the Apple with the exterior still on, and 3+4 show the Apple Core.

Apple of Eden art

Sophia examining an Assassin under the microscope.

Mary Lynch's necklace

Smoke bombs in Sophia's Office, all bearing the Assassin Insignia. Notice that the pin is also an Assassin insignia.

Cal's neck has been marked by the Animus spinal tap

Closeup of the weapon Nathan uses to attack Cal.

The Apple in all its glory

Maria and Cal

Here we can clearly see the patterns on the Apple of Eden shell

Some of the guards have Templar Crosses on the back of their heads

Aguilar is shot by a crossbow bolt as he performs the leap of faith

 Cal looks focussed as he

achieves full synchronisation

Scan of Cal's brain at full synchronisation

Arno Dorian 

The Assassin from Louisiana, USA. (Spotted on the wall in Sophia's lab)

Unknown Assassin

More Assassins

Abstergo computer system

Sophia's Ancestor

Hidden Blade collection

Nathan's Hidden Blade also features a projectile mechanism.

Nathan's injuries

The Apple shell crumbling away, revealing the core.

The Movie Apple projected a green light, something that has not been seen in the games.

Cal leaves an Apple in Rikkin's hand

Mission accomplished.

​Thanks for reading Assassins!

- Col


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