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Assassin's Creed at E3 2019

By Andrew Hall



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With E3 2019 right around the corner, our tin foil hats are firmly hugging our heads as we all speculate as to what we’ll see this year.

Ubisoft, of course, with its extensive catalogue of IPs, will be in attendance. Arguably their biggest IP, Assassins Creed, has seen a complete overhaul in the direction of the franchise since the soft reboot of Origins in 2017, including plenty of post launch content and Role Playing elements.

However, according to a series of leaked screenshots, it seems like Ubisoft might be shifting its focus from the origins of the Brotherhood and the ancient world to focus on an era that has become increasingly popular over recent years…

The Viking era.

Yes, with its own pantheon of gods and its aura of mystery, Viking era Scandinavia seems like a perfect fit in the Assassins Creed universe. This was even teased in another recent Ubisoft game, The Division 2, with a poster of a Viking holding what appears to be an apple of eden. Many of the gameplay elements we’ve seen in Odyssey would work incredibly well in this setting, such as the constant push and pull of conquest battles or the free flowing naval combat and exploration (which Viking were famous for).

Surely we’ll see a return of Isu artifacts like Leonidas’s Spear and the various apples of eden in Odyssey, but maybe this time we’ll make use of the legendary Mjolnir. Perhaps we’ll cross the rainbow bridge into Asgard or drink with legendary warriors in 

Valhalla. Of course, this is all speculation, as the leaks were of a game in very, very early development, creative directions can change at any moment, and they were, well, leaks.

Both Origins (2017) and Odyssey (2018) were announced in June and released the subsequent October, so we could see an official reveal in the coming days. Only time, and maybe the Ubisoft E3 conference, will tell.

But the next Assassins Creed title isn’t all we have to look forward to. Odyssey continues to be updated with new content, from the episodic Fate of Atlantis questline, featuring mythic locales and bosses fit for your legendary Greek hero, to smaller, more simple quests in Greece for your humble misthios.

We could even see the return of Discovery Tour, the educational mode introduced in Origins. Playing as an NPC, you could travel around Egypt learning about real ancient cities, locations, and lore, completely detached from the story of Bayek and Aya. Discovery Tour in Greece, which 

played a massive role in modern life as we know it, would give players a new understanding of the roots of democracy, fine art, and philosophy, all disciplines that still impact lives today.

​Ubisoft has also been expanding itself into other medias, namely film and television. In 2011, an entire subsidiary was developed just to turn Ubisoft IPs into non-interactive media, the biggest project being the 2016 Assassins Creed film, featuring the Spanish Inquisition, which has a sequel currently in development by 20th Century Fox.

Speaking of Aguilar, let’s not forget the mobile strategy game Assassins Creed: Rebellion. The globe-trotting RPG follows famous Assassins Creed characters like Ezio Auditore, Shao Jun, and others as they leap and assassinate their way through our favorite AC locations. We could see new content for Rebellion, or we could see a new mobile game all together.

​Another Assassins Creed project, a Netflix partnered anime-esque TV show, has been in development for an unknown amount of time but was announced in 2017. The project, 


including its announcement, has been scarce on information. 

The unnamed project is being headed by the people responsible for the Netflix adaptation of Castlevania, which received plenty of praise from fans and still maintains a 90% on rotten tomatoes.

Could we see teasers or trailers this E3 for a movie sequel, the Netflix show, or other unannounced projects?

With Ubisoft constantly expanding its collection of titles, spinoffs, and side projects, it’s anyone’s guess as to what we’ll see this year.

​The Ubisoft Conference will be live-streamed on Ubisoft’s Twitch and YouTube channels and will begin at 12PM PT, 3PM ET, and 9PM BST.


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